Literacy Narrative

In this literacy narrative paper the assignment was to write about how we became literate and when we began to enjoy writing as students and in our everyday lives. This paper focused on the first outcome listed in our syllabus which explains how students will understand and adapt to rhetorical and contextual differences in tasks involving reading, writing, speaking and listening.

I have always had a soft spot for writing about things that I love, and that I am passionate about.  I embraced my writing in third grade when I had to write a story about a potato.  Why would we need to write a story about a potato?  I’m not even quite sure anymore, but I remember how I wrote the story about two potatoes being best friends and I based the story off of my best friend and myself.  I was so proud of that story and I was able to freely write and express a story about fun times and adventures with my friend as a potato.

Being able to freely write and express the more creative and imaginative side of my childhood adventures with my best friend allowed my writing to flow with ideas.  Then versus now is very different, my writing then was fictional and all imagination for the most part, where as now, it’s research and hard work with my own intuitiveness and real facts with argumentative questions brought to our attention by our professors provoking us as students to think outside of the box.

The value which is taught while learning to read and write is incredible, kindergartners and first graders may not know it yet but the things they will be able to put onto paper and express, or find the peace in reading a good book is necessary to go through life.  I know now how important those “silly” poetry projects were way back when.  Every piece of information that I have picked up throughout the years have helped me get to this point in my life.

Now going through college, the main pieces of writing that happen for me are the papers that are assigned in classes.  But I have also found that journaling about my daily life and how I am doing throughout tough times have really helped me to gain perspective on things.

When I think about reading and writing I think about how many assignments I have had over the years and how I have grown with each and every one of those and developing as a writer and become a higher lever reader over the years.  I grew up having my dad read to me as a little girl and I am able to look back and think about these fond memories that helped me to grow as a reader and writer, my dad would always help me with my writings and critique my papers.  One time in fourth grade I had to do a project on Yorktown, Virginia and my dad took me and my friend and my mom there to go explore and learn about it to give me an easier time writing the paper that went along with the project.  I have always enjoyed reading and writing but when it was with my dad it made it quite a bit more special.

Writing is absolutely necessary in order to do anything.  This paper definitely brings in the English 150 outcome mentioned in the first paragraph about how students will “understand and adapt to rhetorical and contextual differences in tasks involving reading writing, speaking, and listening” because this is what we have been taught every year when we are going through writing assignments or oral grammar tests.  Students must learn how to speak and write and listen to different forms of writing and when to properly use them in a situation.


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