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This post is not from my English 150 class but, from my high school senior English class that was later used for my essay needed in college applications.  This is an essay written about my best friend and myself and how we each learned so much from each other. The lessons we learn through our toughest times in life and how friends can leave a lasting impact on our lives can be truly inspiring.  I felt our story and her impact on my life was something that had stuck with me strong enough that I should focus my college essay on it too.  In my English class we were given an assignment to write an essay whether we were applying to colleges or not, and it was to write the free response to the common application.  So I had several teachers proof read this essay and at that point I had already decided on community college, but after writing this essay I had no excuse to not at least apply to a couple of colleges and see where it landed me.  Well That happened to be one of my best decisions since it landed me four acceptance letters from all four colleges I applied to.

In this paper I proof read over and over again, changed grammar problems and then switched my wording around more than once.  But, without knowing how to use commas and especially how to plan out a paper and decide exactly what I wanted to say and how to go about applying my ideas without having them jumbled was what allowed my essay to make sense.

In life, each person goes through very different things each day.  But we do share one thing in common, we all learn the biggest life lessons during our toughest times. When we are happy and everything is going well we don’t tend to analyze our lives, but when we are presented with a hardship we stop everything and think about everything that is going on.  

For seven years, my best friend Kiri and I have had countless laughs, adventures, and shared memories.  We’ve done all the things most teenage girls do, but my co-adventurer happens to be a dwarf.  At 4’ 7” tall Kiri faced struggles in everything she did.  Most of us take our everyday routine for granted, we don’t think twice about reaching for a box of cereal on the top shelf at a grocery store.  She has to figure out how to climb up there without getting hurt or she may even have to go find someone to help her, but she never gave up or said that “something was too hard.”

The summer of 2013, Kiri and her family picked up and moved their whole family to Brisbane, Australia.  I never knew how hard it would be to really let her go, we’ve always gone through everything together and now she is off on her own adventure.  But even though she is gone, her impact on me has lasted.  I have learned so much from her in the past seven years; she has brought me out of my shell and allowed me to dive into my passion as an animal lover.  She pushed me to do well in school and made me really want to try for the grades I thought were too far out of my reach.

Coming through my senior year without my best friend was harder than I ever expected it to be, but living by the rules she taught me throughout the years was more than helpful.  Kiri went out of her way to build my confidence and make me feel as if I could conquer anything.  When I started senior year I decided to make the best of it, no matter what I had to do I decided to make goals for myself and follow them through by working hard and taking one baby step at a time.

I couldn’t be who I am today without her constant support and guidance, as she taught me how to strive for what I want to achieve.  This past summer was heartbreaking to watch her drive away, but I knew I needed to branch out of my comfort zone and I decided to try 110% harder with everything I do.   She taught me to never allow anything, big or small, to get in the way of my goals.  My passion should never be dimmed because I feel that the mountain is too high to climb and that I can do anything I put my mind to.  I may need to push myself and try harder than someone else but that makes the reward of accomplishment that much sweeter.


This is Kiri and I on a couple of our many adventures we have shared together.  I couldn’t have gotten this far without her by my side.  Her first visit back to the States is set for November 18, 2014 until January!


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