“Trump Ducks…”

Deep into the first Presidential Debate on September 26th, both candidates were asked to defend the changes they wished to make to the American tax system.  Although the conversation began by addressing Trump’s plan for large corporations to receive money they have been denied from overseas investments, the discussion quickly turned to his negligence in releasing his federal tax returns, which he attributed to a 15 year auditing marathon being performed on him by the IRS.

However, in the days following the debate, media outlets such as the New York Times and Fortune published reports based upon a leak that provided Trump’s tax records since 1995, and while the Trump campaign accosted that the documents were obtained illegally, they did not dispute their contents, which suggested that he could have avoided paying taxes to the IRS for the better part of 20 years.

The duck standing on Wheeler Mall, representing the belief that TrumP
The duck standing on Wheeler Mall, representing the belief that Trump “ducked” his civil duty to release hu taxes. – Lauren Aktug

Enter Aaron Black, the representative and spokesperson for this duck.  Black and his waterfowl associate felt that Trump was “ducking” that which is required of him as an American citizen, and felt that having a duck hold the sign was an effective way to get their voices heard.  “We’re just out here trying to have fun…we’re dealing with a serious situation but I think often times people are…too damn serious.”

Written By: Adam Turner and Shelby Massie