D.C. Dispatch


Photo by: Ashley Shukrallah

Brenda Estrella is a transplant.  Originally from New York, the political landscape in DC has become very apparent to her through everyday conversation.  “You get to talk a lot about it in the bars…” said Estrella.  “DC tends to be a very liberal city, so it tends to be diatribes against Trump.”  Estrella sees the American political system as one of ebb and flow, saying that these moments act as “a natural resolution of the past…” and that “politics feel as if they’ve been going towards a logical endpoint…which feels like now.”

– Adam Turner


Photo by: Ashley Shukrallah

Allison Frayer is originally from Upstate Ney York but now lives in Washington D.C. and when asked about the upcoming elections felt very strongly about what she believed in. Allison loves the atmosphere of D.C. around this time due to the political climate. She stated that “it’s an exciting time to be here because of the people, and how everybody follows along with the current news cycles and events”. Allison also believes that living in D.C. has activated the political part of her mind over the last ten years so when asked by other people what her opinions were, she would know what she was talking about, instead of feeling like an “idiot”.

– Jay Bradt