Internship Journal 2

Perhaps my biggest problem is time management. This has always been an issue but this internship has taught me a lot about assignments outside of the classroom. I have to meet with my advisor once a week, to check in an update my progress. Going to these meetings with created content and a plan for future content is crucial. I’ve been learning how to meet professional expectations and talk to elders in a professional setting.

The nature of my internship is learning and mastering certain technologies and then creating instructional videos on how to use them. One consistent roadblock is learning these technologies for myself. Some of these are new to me, so in order for me to be able to teach them I have to master them. Another challenge is creating that narrative and voice within my videos without losing my personality. My aim is to make these videos easy to listen to and part of that by just being myself. Balancing that instructional tone with my own voice has been quite the task. Another challenging aspect of my internship is that sometimes I have to ask for help. In creating one video I had to do a live session with a professor. I had to go to this professor schedule dates and plan the live session so it could go according to plan. During that live session I actually learned a lot about the technology I was teaching, being able to use that content in order to create a well-rounded instructional video was challenging.

In terms of future use of the skills I am developing/mastering, I hope to being able to edit and create video content. I’m also starting to enjoy the instructional aspect of this internship and I think I have a good voice for these types of videos. Another skill this internship is teaching me is the ability to take an outline i’ve written and turn it into audio and visual content. I think this is a valued skill in the field of digital media that will benefit me moving forward