Work Sample

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Here are a few examples of my past work samples.

This picture below is a infographic done in Interdisciplinary Studies, talking about global warming and ways to fix the issue. A lot of people aren’t very educated on the things that can cause global warming, and the things that’ll help prevent it. So to help, I made a simple infographic to help outline the different options. Hope you enjoy!


Below is an article named Town Hall Presentation, and this was a paper that was written in my English 400 class. This assignment is an example of a proposal where I proposed that we put an end to adolescent depression. I know that this may be a touchy subject, but I felt as if there were simple ways to rid of this issue.

town-hall-presentation town-hall-presentation

Below is also another article that is an analysis of the speech made by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called “I Have a Dream.” This was a way of me trying to break down the speech into ways that all students/others could understand those parts that aresn’t quite simple enough. I know a lot of times, the speeches and pieces of writing that are the most famous are the most difficult to understand and comprehnd. So here was my attempt of fixing this issue. Hope it helps.



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Here is the link to my resume page, sorry for the inconvenience of it not being directly on this page.


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Originally, I didn’t plan on having a minor, I was just going to graduate with the normal Liberal Studies degree, and the licensure piece would be attached. Unfortunately, things changed , which caused me to have to alternate my plan to get to my destination. When sitting and thinking what minor I could have already fulfilled, I came across English. Since this was already something I enjoyed, I figured why not. The English classes that I have taken most recently in the past, I thoroughly enjoyed and did well in. I seemed to excel in these types of class, so why not become an expert/master at what I know I’ve done well in.

Also, side note, if anyone is taking English 209 or 483 next semester, or has already taken it, I would love to have a group of study partners going into next semester. Let me know if you’re interested.


Past courses:

ENGL 150 Writing and Research
ENGL 382 Grammar: Theory and Practice
ENGL 400 Advanced Writing Seminar
ENGL 380 Children’s Literature


And for next semester, I will be taking:

ENGL 209 Intro to Literary Analysis
ENGL 483 Writing: Theory and Practic for the Elementary Classroom

About me

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I am Professor Zaire Tunstall and I am an expertise in the Department of Education. Preparing for my position, I have succeeded in academic rigorous years and completed my Master’s Degree in Education. I would like to think of my leadership to my students as a democratic style. I do seek out my students input as to how they would like to meet the expectations. This way they all participate and everyone reaps the benefits of the outcome. As far as my work, I am a team player and resourceful. The benefits of accessing more ideas benefits us reaching everyone’s mutual goal.

My specialty is working with younger children. I have experience with toddler and after-school aged children. We stimulate their minds with activities and learning games with numbers, words, and computers so it would eventually lead them to thinking outside the box. We encourage the parents and have one-on-ones with them to update their children’s learning abilities so we could keep them on the same page as the school curriculum.

Hello world!

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My first post to start off my site has been named Adolescent Depression. I encourage to read over it, you may like the article.

Adolescent Depression

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They say that approximately 20% of adolescents will experience depression before they reach adulthood. By just looking at the number, to some people, this may not seem like a lot. But in all actuality, 20% is twenty too many, and too many children are losing their lives because of ignorance. There are a lot of young adolescents, basically begging to be saved from this darkness, but there aren’t enough people who see that, and recognize these signs. I know this, because I was an adolescent who dealt with depression first hand. I was a teenager who didn’t have the resources that I needed and I began looking elsewhere to solve my problem. It wasn’t until I lost my best friend to her fight with depression that I learned how to cope, and I learned how to get by, and I learned how to pretend. I had to keep pretending for her, because she could no longer pretend for herself. I then kept pretending that it was all okay, until the day I met a woman named Susan, and she then educated me. From my education, I learned that I no longer needed to pretend because she had given me the resources that I yearned for, for years, all right there in one sitting. She gave me ways to handle and manage my self-depression, as well as cope with losing a very important piece in my life.

A main issue that arises is getting adults to identify when there is an individual who is suffering from depression. Most people believe that depression is usually just being a “cry baby,” and that there is nothing you can do to fix it. Wrong! Depression in adolescents is a lot more than just continuous crying. A lot of times, adolescents who deal with depression will have a noticeable dramatic change in their thinking as well as their behavior. These are the children who have no motivation, especially in school and doing the things they love. These are the children who either become very distant and detached, or become very worrisome all of a sudden. No child is the same, so you could be dealing with either extreme. You could have one child who wants to be alone, in their bedroom, for hours, without ever coming out. But then also, you could have a child who all of a sudden has become a huge bully and they’re constantly in and out of trouble. Depressed adolescents may also show that they are depressed or becoming depressed by altering their eating and sleeping habits, without even realizing it. Some teens sleeps for an hour or two during the night, with their minds racing at a hundred times per minute. While other adolescents would rather spend their entire day sleeping, and not having to get up and face the cold world. These symptoms and signs of a depressed adolescent may seem simple and harmless, but honestly these things hurt the child so much because their minds aren’t fully developed yet, so their reactions to this are greater and more overwhelming that one with a more mature mind.