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This photo shows the beauty of the Llamar valley in the early morning. I feel like the moose and tree to the left balance the picture and make it more than just another landscape photo.

I took this photo not only to show the beauty of yellowstone, but to show how small we really are in comparison to the “big picture”

This abstract shows the amazing shapes and designs that nature can provide for us.

I chose this photo not only to highlight the beauty of the pools, but the amazing lake and varying mountain-scapes behind it.


This photo shows that even in a seemingly wild place detached from civilization, humanity has left its mark on the landscape.

This photo shows the one cell phone tower in yellowstone, just outside of Mammoth. I chose this photo because even though the company was allowed to construct the tower, it is obvious they had no concern for blending it into the surrounding environment or covering their tracks and returning the landscape to what it once was.

This photo shows hows ranchers have shaped the land for their own use.

I took this photo while picking up trash at one of our many stops in the Llamar Valley. The shot seemed like a sign for what the land will become (or be filled with) if we do not do everything we can to preserve it

May 24, 2013

One response to Eric’s Photography

  1. Ian Goldsborough said:

    Eric, your “beauty” photos are just that, beautiful. They act as a window that allows me to return to those places where I was just a week ago. I can see all of these photos being post cards and they show off the massive scale of Yellowstone, as well as its sheer magnificence.

    Your critical photos do a great job at questioning human interaction on the Yellowstone environment. They challenge the ideals of natural preservation that the park claims to uphold. They show that humans have an impact even in the most preserved of all places and demonstrate what are presence can create or destroy.

    All in all, good job.

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