Hello class!

Mr. Roebuck here! Welcome to my blog, we will each create one in class and use this for a good portion of the school year to write some awesome stories!

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Example A

As I walked into school this morning, I saw an angry Armadillo parked in the way of the double doors. He refused to move, so I had to call fo backup from another teacher inside to convince him to let me pass. Without any turning signals, an armadillo cannot tell me which direction he wants to go, maybe he wanted to come to class today. After a while convincing the armadillo to leave the school grounds, he curled into a ball, and rolled down the hill at the front of the school. I wonder if he will be back tomorrow.

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Writing Your Short Story

Hello 4th grade! Mr. Roebuck here!!!! Beginning with A and ending with Z, you will create a 4-6 sentence short story about each letter of the alphabet, the main character or whatever is being talked about must begin with the letter you are on, and you should write in complete sentences that make sense together. These will be completed weekly and we will see the progression of your writing throughout the assignment. This will take most of the school year, and there may be specifics requested in later assignments such as using vocabulary we are learning in class or practicing different types of writing in your short stories.

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