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Everyone has their own routines and their own ways of seeing things. If we get in a daily habit of waking up, going to work/school, going home and making dinner and then going to bed, are we ever going to see the importance of helping out others and giving back? In my community, there is a lack of recognition of the hungry. Hunger is present, but is not known to be a problem. So how do we bring awareness to the problem? How do we get people of all ages to help out?

The estimated median household income for Lynchburg residents is $21,016 below the Virginia median household income (City-data, 2012). The unemployment rate for Lynchburg is 7.7% which is a negative percent due to the Virginia unemployment rate being 5.8% (City-data, 2012). City data shows that since the year 2000, the unemployment rate has gone increasingly up with minimal dips leaving us little hope that the job market within Lynchburg is going to improve. This has led to more families living in poverty, with the percent landing at 21.4% within Lynchburg (City-data, 2012). With more and more families living in poverty each year, it is causing hunger within families in this community. More and more families have to choose between food and heat this winter, and I believe there is something that this community can do to help out.

With Lynchburg having 3 high schools and a minor league baseball team, I believe there is a way to get these younger generations to help out, teaching them the importance of helping those in need while they are young. I am proposing that whenever there is a big game of any sport going on in these high school and at the Hillcats stadium, instead of paying to enter the game, they have to bring a canned food of their choice. With at least a 1,000 people attending high school football games and even more for the Hillcats baseball games, that is a 1000 canned foods that can be donated to the seven food pantries located in Lynchburg, Virginia (Food pantries, 2012).

With the HillCats minor league baseball team already supporting their community for autism awareness, cancer, local churchs, high-achieving students, and learning centers, I believe that trying to add a fundraising night for local food pantries would be a great idea (Lynchburg Hillcats, 2012). I would contact Zach Willis who is head of their community events and would write him a letter asking to meet with him personally to give him my proposal. The purpose of the letter would be to persuade him to meet with me, and for the meeting I would inform him of the reality of hunger within Lynchburg and explain the importance of helping out. The idea of having people pay with canned goods instead of money is a great, easy way to hold people accountable to helping out and giving back while bringing awareness to the problem of hunger. If they can pay for a ticket, why can’t they pay for a canned food to be donated to those in need?

There will be many constraints that will arise and questions to be answered. I, as the rhetor will use logos. I believe this proposal has a lot of logic to it. The Hillcats already support some organizations within the community (Lynchburg Hillcats, 2012). With this, it provides me with a great starting point because it has already been done; Some holes have already been filled. With the “brain” already being used with the tying of facts about Lynchburg, Virginia’s population in reference to hunger, I can then use another tool such as pathos to bring emotion into my argument. Any child or family that is hungry is such a sad thing to hear about and can really be used to get their “heart” involved (Heinrichs, 2012).

High-schools and their students are an important audience to target as well. It is important that our younger generations learn about their community and ways to give back at an early age. Knowing how easy it is to make a difference is an important aspect that can be learned through my proposal. For this to happen at high school games, there would have to be a meeting with the Athletics director and the Principal of each of the 3 high schools in Lynchburg. There would also have to be a proposal given to a committee board such as the school board who handles money and sports. I would start by bringing awareness to hunger within our community and informing them on the problem. It would be a great idea to take a survey of the kids at the schools to figure out how many of them are in need of food and sometimes wonder where their next meal is coming from. By describing the results, I will hopefully persuade them to listen and give support. If there is a reasonable percent of students who are in need, that covers all three argumentative tools used by Heinrichs (p.40), logos, ethos, and pathos. Their “brain, gut, and heart” will be touched and the essence of effective persuasion is formed. Logic is given by the idea of bringing one can of food to the chosen game to get in. With that, you have a certain amount of students of all ages, and their parents who are now aware of the problem within their community and realize how easy it is to give back. In Lynchburg, there are almost a total of 1,000 people at each home game. In one night, they can donate 142 cans of food to each of the seven food Pantries in Lynchburg.

Using the plan that I have put together in my proposal, I believe a difference can be made. Not only are we teaching the younger generations the importance of getting involved, but we are allowing the parents to get involved as well and encouraging them to set the example. We are also bringing awareness to Lynchburg, Virginia which I believe is the main reason the food pantries are struggling to support the hungry (Food Pantries, 2012). Bringing the community together and teaching all generations the importance of helping out their neighbors allows for growth and success. Not only is this a plan that can actually be done, but it can be done in a timely manner. While trying to form an idea that may take a while to complete, like trying to get rid of hunger all together in Lynchburg, my proposal allows for immediate help to the food pantries which is something they are in desperte need of. These families who are hungry will be hungry until they get help so I believe this is a strong proposal that will allow for immediate results.


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