Importance of Helping the Hungry Acorss Our Nation

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The video Turn Facebook Likes into Meals was found on the internet at thehungersite.com when looking for informative videos about hunger. The Hunger Site is a site that I have heard about before that does a lot of advertising for campaigns that are taking place to help raise money for those in need. Not only does this site help promote hunger but it helps raise money and bring awareness for people with cancer, autism, animals who are hungry, and they also help out veterans. When a tragic event happens within the United States, this site is always posting events and providing ways for people to become involved, hoping it will help make a difference.

I choose to do a blog post on a campaign that is taking place in the United States because I think it is imposrtant for us all to be aware of what is going on within our nation. It is important that we all take care of eachother, even if it is half way across the country. This campaign is trying to raise money for the hungry New York City. The video starts out with some statics about hunger within the United States staying that 1 and 6 families in the U.S. face hunger everyday and that hunger within the U.S. has doubled since the 1980s. The rhetor in this video is the Holy Apostles soup kitchen which is the second largest soup kitchen in the U.S. and the biggest in New York and gives at least 1200 meals to those in need  each day. The purpose of the video is to make people aware of a campaign that consists of going on Facebook and liking a certain page and for each like, a meal will be given to one person in need. The sponsor of this campaign, which was not given, said that they will give $2500 for 2500 likes which will total about 2500 meals.

The intended audience is anyone who has a Facebook, or access to Facebook. It is not asking for any money, just a simple minute of someone’s time to help “like” a page and give a free meal away to someone who is suffering from hunger. The audience could also be those who are hungry.


With this campaign, since they are not asking for money, just some time, it allows for even those who are hungry to help out, which in my opinion is a great argument in order to get more people, of any age and circumstance to help out. With Facebook being very popular among the younger generations, this is a great way to bring awareness to them about hunger within the United States, and allows them to see the importance of giving back. This is also something that can help support their argument that everyone can help out and if we all come together, hunger can be decreased.

The intention of this video was to spread the word about hunger and to let one know how easy It is to help out. This video had a woman names Jessica who was talking from the bottom of her heart with passion in her voice. Certain phrases she used like “it couldn’t be easier to give back and help out” allows for people to understand that it really is an easy way to help out. Another phrase “by coming together we really believe we can help provide meals to make a difference” allows for a positive reinforcement and a sense of hope that we are not alone and can make a difference if we all help out. The last phase “Let’s do this together” is a very powerful ending because it ties everything together and leave us with a responsibility to help out and if we do not all come together and help, it cannot happen.

I believe the way this video was organized was very good. They started out with statistics about the United States to bring awareness to the problem of hunger, they then explained the purpose of the campaign and who was involved, and then explained how much of a difference we can make and how simple it is to “like” a page on FB to donate one meal. The end was left with a choice of helping out her not. We were left with a challenge to do a simple thing, to all come together and make a difference.

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  • Mary Rose

    That’s great that they are advertising on Facebook because it’s so easy to get noticed that way! Thanks for posting this.

  • Christopher Nettemeyer

    I think this is a great way to spread the word about hunger and raise awareness about the issue. Thanks for sharing.

  • Samantha Lankford

    Facebook and social media are such great ways to spread a message quickly and to a wide audience! I think they will really help continue to increase awareness over a wide range of social issues just as they have over the past few years.

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