One Canned Food=One Ticket

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Everyone has their own routines and their own ways of seeing things. If we get in a daily habit of waking up, going to work/school, going home and making dinner and then going to bed, are we ever going to see the importance of helping out others and giving back? In my community, there is a lack of recognition of the hungry. Hunger is present, but is not known to be a problem. So how do we bring awareness to the problem? How do we get people of all ages to help out?

The estimated median household income for Lynchburg residents is $21,016 below the Virginia median household income (City-data, 2012). The unemployment rate for Lynchburg is 7.7% which is a negative percent due to the Virginia unemployment rate being 5.8% (City-data, 2012). City data shows that since the year 2000, the unemployment rate has gone increasingly up with minimal dips leaving us little hope that the job market within Lynchburg is going to improve. This has led to more families living in poverty, with the percent landing at 21.4% within Lynchburg (City-data, 2012). With more and more families living in poverty each year, it is causing hunger within families in this community. More and more families have to choose between food and heat this winter, and I believe there is something that this community can do to help out.

With Lynchburg having 3 high schools and a minor league baseball team, I believe there is a way to get these younger generations to help out, teaching them the importance of helping those in need while they are young. I am proposing that whenever there is a big game of any sport going on in these high school and at the Hillcats stadium, instead of paying to enter the game, they have to bring a canned food of their choice. With at least a 1,000 people attending high school football games and even more for the Hillcats baseball games, that is a 1000 canned foods that can be donated to the seven food pantries located in Lynchburg, Virginia (Food pantries, 2012).

With the HillCats minor league baseball team already supporting their community for autism awareness, cancer, local churchs, high-achieving students, and learning centers, I believe that trying to add a fundraising night for local food pantries would be a great idea (Lynchburg Hillcats, 2012). I would contact Zach Willis who is head of their community events and would write him a letter asking to meet with him personally to give him my proposal. The purpose of the letter would be to persuade him to meet with me, and for the meeting I would inform him of the reality of hunger within Lynchburg and explain the importance of helping out. The idea of having people pay with canned goods instead of money is a great, easy way to hold people accountable to helping out and giving back while bringing awareness to the problem of hunger. If they can pay for a ticket, why can’t they pay for a canned food to be donated to those in need?

There will be many constraints that will arise and questions to be answered. I, as the rhetor will use logos. I believe this proposal has a lot of logic to it. The Hillcats already support some organizations within the community (Lynchburg Hillcats, 2012). With this, it provides me with a great starting point because it has already been done; Some holes have already been filled. With the “brain” already being used with the tying of facts about Lynchburg, Virginia’s population in reference to hunger, I can then use another tool such as pathos to bring emotion into my argument. Any child or family that is hungry is such a sad thing to hear about and can really be used to get their “heart” involved (Heinrichs, 2012).

High-schools and their students are an important audience to target as well. It is important that our younger generations learn about their community and ways to give back at an early age. Knowing how easy it is to make a difference is an important aspect that can be learned through my proposal. For this to happen at high school games, there would have to be a meeting with the Athletics director and the Principal of each of the 3 high schools in Lynchburg. There would also have to be a proposal given to a committee board such as the school board who handles money and sports. I would start by bringing awareness to hunger within our community and informing them on the problem. It would be a great idea to take a survey of the kids at the schools to figure out how many of them are in need of food and sometimes wonder where their next meal is coming from. By describing the results, I will hopefully persuade them to listen and give support. If there is a reasonable percent of students who are in need, that covers all three argumentative tools used by Heinrichs (p.40), logos, ethos, and pathos. Their “brain, gut, and heart” will be touched and the essence of effective persuasion is formed. Logic is given by the idea of bringing one can of food to the chosen game to get in. With that, you have a certain amount of students of all ages, and their parents who are now aware of the problem within their community and realize how easy it is to give back. In Lynchburg, there are almost a total of 1,000 people at each home game. In one night, they can donate 142 cans of food to each of the seven food Pantries in Lynchburg.

Using the plan that I have put together in my proposal, I believe a difference can be made. Not only are we teaching the younger generations the importance of getting involved, but we are allowing the parents to get involved as well and encouraging them to set the example. We are also bringing awareness to Lynchburg, Virginia which I believe is the main reason the food pantries are struggling to support the hungry (Food Pantries, 2012). Bringing the community together and teaching all generations the importance of helping out their neighbors allows for growth and success. Not only is this a plan that can actually be done, but it can be done in a timely manner. While trying to form an idea that may take a while to complete, like trying to get rid of hunger all together in Lynchburg, my proposal allows for immediate help to the food pantries which is something they are in desperte need of. These families who are hungry will be hungry until they get help so I believe this is a strong proposal that will allow for immediate results.


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Can You See Hunger?

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As I was driving around my small town, I started to think of whether hunger is noticeable within my town. There is no doubt in my mind that it is present, but do people see it? I wanted to take a few pictures to show my fellow bloggers a few things I found that represent hunger within Forest, Virginia. To my surprise, there were no obvious signs other than many food drives that were taking place or buildings that were advertising their food pantries, but wait, is that an obvious sign?

Salvation Army

Salvation Army

Many people are aware of the Salvation Army red buckets that present in a lot of stores around the Holidays. I took this pictures as I was entering the mall because if there were not any hungry people around in my community, there would not be people out there trying to raise money for them. The Salvation Army is a great organization that helps out people in need of food, clothing, and shelter.

 I took this picture at my work. I believe this is an important clue to help people realize that hunger is present everywhere. This is a great, easy way for people to help out. My work had these boxes all around to remind people to “Do their part, and help the Hungry”


Meals on Wheels Event


Meals on Wheels is a non-profit organization that helps the eldery who are incapable of going to the store and getting food for themselves. Volunteers within the community help deliver food to those elderly. They also do the grocery food for them along with many other things that they are not able to do. This poster has recently been posted all around my community to help advertise this event to help those who are hungry. Since MOW is a non-profit organization, they need all the volunteers and money they can get so this is a great organization to help out with.


Other pictures that help proved the reality of hunger within my town are below. My home town is probably like a lot of yours, hunger is hidden by many things and often goes unnoticed.

Fire Department who does a lot of local Food Drives for the hungry

Have you ever noticed anything that may lead you to believe hunger is present within your community? All of these pictures are hidden clues to prove that their is someone in need right around the corner. Give a hand!

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Hunger within Virginia

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As I was looking for campaigns that are trying to spread the word about how to help the hungry in Virginia, I came across a great video campaign on Virginia This Morning on CBS 6 that airs in Richmond, Virginia. This new channel brought on Phil Limpert, the supermarket guru, who is spreading the word of a campaign going on with certain brands of food that Wal-Mart supports. Wal-Mart has teamed up with Fighting Hunger Together through the program Feeding America. When one buys those certain brands of food such as Kraft, Kelloggs, and General Mills, they can go to walmart.com/hunger, click on the logo of the food they bought and enter the code that was on that box of food. For each code entered, seven meals are donated, totaling up to 53 million meals within just a couple months.

The whole point of this campaign is to not just help the hungry, but to help those who are trying to give back, such as the food banks. The reason Richmond’s News Stations felt the need to advertize this campaign is because Richmond has one of the largest and most successful food banks in the United States and it is struggling to keep up with the prices of food.

Food Prices Rising

With food prices rising, it is making it harder for Food Banks to keep up with the demand of the hungry.The intended audience is everyone who can buy their own groceries and has access to a computer. Advertising this campaign allows for the word to spread, allowing everyone in Virginia to help out and buy these certain brands of foods. With seven meals being donated with just one click, this allows for people of all ages to help out. Getting involved is important and it will be a great way for families to work together. If the mom goes to the store and buys the correct foods, the children can then go on the internet and enter the codes!

There were many strong phrases that were used in the interview that helps the rhetor gain support of his argument that is it easy to help out and give back. “We go to the fridge and expect food to be there, many do not have that luxury”. For me, this is a very strong, passionate statement that allows readers to relate to the reality of others and this is something the Poppendieck says is a strong way to help gain your audiences support. By grabbing their attention and allowing them to relate to the problem, they gain the trust of the rhetoric. This comment brings honesty and makes people think “what if I went to the refrigerator and never had food to take”. It allows for reality to be put into perspective that not everyone is well off. There were many phases that were said that can inspire one to come together and help out. They interviewer mentioned many times that we need to come together as a community and a state to help our neighbors.

This video did a great job of explaining there main purpose and spreading the word. They have big name brands involved and have made it easy to give back. At the beginning they grabbed their audience’s attention by giving statistics and then moved on to ways we can help out. They also ended up talking about other ways not help out other than this particular way, showing us that if we all help one another, we can make a change!

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Importance of Helping the Hungry Acorss Our Nation

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The video Turn Facebook Likes into Meals was found on the internet at thehungersite.com when looking for informative videos about hunger. The Hunger Site is a site that I have heard about before that does a lot of advertising for campaigns that are taking place to help raise money for those in need. Not only does this site help promote hunger but it helps raise money and bring awareness for people with cancer, autism, animals who are hungry, and they also help out veterans. When a tragic event happens within the United States, this site is always posting events and providing ways for people to become involved, hoping it will help make a difference.

I choose to do a blog post on a campaign that is taking place in the United States because I think it is imposrtant for us all to be aware of what is going on within our nation. It is important that we all take care of eachother, even if it is half way across the country. This campaign is trying to raise money for the hungry New York City. The video starts out with some statics about hunger within the United States staying that 1 and 6 families in the U.S. face hunger everyday and that hunger within the U.S. has doubled since the 1980s. The rhetor in this video is the Holy Apostles soup kitchen which is the second largest soup kitchen in the U.S. and the biggest in New York and gives at least 1200 meals to those in need  each day. The purpose of the video is to make people aware of a campaign that consists of going on Facebook and liking a certain page and for each like, a meal will be given to one person in need. The sponsor of this campaign, which was not given, said that they will give $2500 for 2500 likes which will total about 2500 meals.

The intended audience is anyone who has a Facebook, or access to Facebook. It is not asking for any money, just a simple minute of someone’s time to help “like” a page and give a free meal away to someone who is suffering from hunger. The audience could also be those who are hungry.


With this campaign, since they are not asking for money, just some time, it allows for even those who are hungry to help out, which in my opinion is a great argument in order to get more people, of any age and circumstance to help out. With Facebook being very popular among the younger generations, this is a great way to bring awareness to them about hunger within the United States, and allows them to see the importance of giving back. This is also something that can help support their argument that everyone can help out and if we all come together, hunger can be decreased.

The intention of this video was to spread the word about hunger and to let one know how easy It is to help out. This video had a woman names Jessica who was talking from the bottom of her heart with passion in her voice. Certain phrases she used like “it couldn’t be easier to give back and help out” allows for people to understand that it really is an easy way to help out. Another phrase “by coming together we really believe we can help provide meals to make a difference” allows for a positive reinforcement and a sense of hope that we are not alone and can make a difference if we all help out. The last phase “Let’s do this together” is a very powerful ending because it ties everything together and leave us with a responsibility to help out and if we do not all come together and help, it cannot happen.

I believe the way this video was organized was very good. They started out with statistics about the United States to bring awareness to the problem of hunger, they then explained the purpose of the campaign and who was involved, and then explained how much of a difference we can make and how simple it is to “like” a page on FB to donate one meal. The end was left with a choice of helping out her not. We were left with a challenge to do a simple thing, to all come together and make a difference.

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Help the Hungry Through Communication

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How does someone who is hungry find out where to get food? More importantly, how do people get involved to help the hungry? These answers are only found through communicating with others and through the media.

Bags for the Hungry

With being a Communication Studies major, I have come to realize just how important communicating really is. Communicating is one thing that everyone does, sometimes not even noticing they are. For any type of organization to be set up and be successful, communication needs to be present. The NYCCAH, New York City Coalition Against Hunger, is a successful non-profit organization that represent more than 1,100 non-profit soup kitchens and food panties. Through their support, they have been best known for their communication which has allowed for them to be successful in helping out many that are in need. Their duties and responsibilities are to communicate and plan state and national levels of a policy agenda that is followed strictly to help coordinate all the media relations and publications of all the food pantries they support. In order to make this a success, communication is key and with that comes more help and more places for the hungry to go in time of need. The planning of events takes place to help raise awareness and support for the hungry.


Campaigns, events, and advertising are all ways to help support the hungry and without organized communication, none of this would be possible. The main goal of all of these is to help educate the public  on the problem of hunger within ones community and around the world.

Campaign for the Hungry

Many food pantries want to not only try to get people to donate food and become involved but to develop a passion to helping out and by doing so, communicating to them about the importance of making a difference in the lives of others. In order for any food center to be successful a few steps need to be taken according to the University of Rhode Island

  1. Plan ahead: Who is going to receive the donations, contact other organizations to gain support and ask questions, create awareness, find an easy way for people to donate, put together a committee to organize and delegate responsibilities.
  2. Establish Basics: create a theme, set dates and hours, plan deliveries, sets goals, communicate information to all involved
  3. Promote the Food Drive: create promotional materials, hold contests within the communities organizations such as schools and churches, distribute flyers
  4. Educate the Participants: Teach the community and workers about the effects of hunger and the reality of it
  5. Show your Appreciation: recognize all those involved, host parties for successes, keep lines of communication open at all times with those in need and those who donate.

As you can see, none of this would be possible if it weren’t for communication. My major bring awareness to many things and hunger is one of them. Hunger is present everywhere and through communications we can learn to help others from different cultures by learning to communicate to them and learn to understand their backgrounds.

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Where I Come From

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Good Ole’ Forest, Virginia

Most people who live near a beach say they could never move away from it. Well I live near the mountains and I don’t think I could ever move away from them. Even though there is not as much to do on a mountain as there is a beach, the peacefulness of the woods and the animals that live in them are what make the mountains so special. One of my favorite things about my home town is that we have an amazing view of the Blue Ridge Mountains at all times.

Home Town

It is so amazing to hike to the top and sit there and look over all the surrounding towns and the best part is to watch the sunset over the surrounding cities. In the winter, the snow on the mountains just glows and makes for great skiing and snowboarding.


Another one of my favorite things about my home town is the country. Everywhere you go, you drive down a back road and again allows for great views and peacefulness. I love the small town atmosphere  nd the fact that everyone helps everyone else out. The people who live in the small town of Forest are all so friendly and welcoming, carrying on southern generosity. There are a lot of locally owned businesses that have been around for years which tells you a lot about the people who live in Forest.

Declaration of Independence

Thomas Jeffersons Plantation

Believe it or not, Forest does have a hidden gem. Thomas Jefferson owned a plantation in Forest, VA called Poplar Forest. He started visiting the plantation in 1809 and visited every few month for fourteen years. He visited the plantation to escape the spotlight and became the place where he did most of his learnings and developed many new interests. The plantation is now a historical landmark that has been kept up while also preserving it originality. They now have planned visits and tours along with many educational programs that take place.




Even though Thomas Jefferson did live in Forest that is not what this town is known for. Many times I have heard people talking about taking a ride up the mountains in late October to see the turning of the leaves. I have met people from all over who say they come just to ride through the mountains and enjoy the views.In the mountains there is a lake, ahotel and a restaurant for people to stay and visit. It stays busy year round due to the beauty of the surroundings

Great Fishing

and the chance to escape reality for a while. One thing that my family and I have done since I was really young is go up to the mountain and eat at the restaurant. After eating we would drive by the hotel and read all the license plates to see where everyone was from. Year round, the hotel is almost fully booked with cars from all over. We have seen license plates from Alaska, California, Washington State, Maine and so forth. So, as you can tell, people really do enjoy riding all through the mountains which has led my hometown to be admired by many.


Forest is also know to be a great place for families to live. The average household size is 2.5 people and the percentage of family households is 70% which is above the Virginia family household percent of 67.5%. Forest has always had a good educational system as well as it surrounding cities making it a great place to raise kids. According to the City Data of Forest, Virginia,  94.1% of the population of Forest have a high school degree or higher and 40% have a bachelor’s degree or higher. The unemployment rate is three percent which is very good compared to surrounding cities and compared to the Virginia unemployment rate of 5.8% in 2012.

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Hello World

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Welcome to my blog!

For this blog, the theme is going to be World Hunger. I hope to be able to look beyond what research on the computer provides  and take a closer look at hunger within my community. I am currently living at home in an outskirt city of Lynchburg called Forest. I have lived in Forest since I was one years old. I have done a lot of community service in my community that has led me to some humbling experiences that allowed me to see the reality of hunger and how it is present in places you would never think.

I am a senior at Longwood University,  majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in Health Education. I know they are completely opposite and do not really support each other but for this blog, I believe having both will be to my advantge. In all of my classes that I have taken as a major and minor requirement, I have had course material that taught me a little bit about World Hunger. I have some experience researching the reality of it around the world. From this blog I am hoping to spead the world about World Hungry and motivate people to give back to their communicty and help those in need!

In order to be a community member, you have to look at the bigger picture. You have to focus on not what you need and what you want to change, but what needs to be change for the better of everyone. I am prepared to be a community member because after much research, I am now well-informed of the problems within my hometown. There are many people in need and one aspect of being a community member is helping those in need, and I am now able to pinpoint the problem and find a solution to that problem just by asking around and doing some research.

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