The ending of a new month: January

I have gotten super behind this month and honestly haven’t done much research or work. I really need to think about this logo; I am having such a hard time with it. I really wanted to do something with a caterpillar but I don;t think it is going to go with my booklet sketches I have right now. I have a lot of work ahead of me and it is time to getting the ball rolling. I will be posting my month by month calendar, it may look a lot busy but I have left some time at the end of the summer just in case I get behind.

Seeing that February is going to be all about my logo I will be posting a lot of sketches and ideas so please post back and comment with help!!


(early) December

My project proposal is to create a packet of children for the ages of 5-8 that have dyslexia. I am going to use the type face Open Dyslexia to make a reading packet for ages 5-8, since early intervention for reading practice is best exercised for dyslexic readers at this age.  I want this packet to be fun and enjoyable for the students. There are a lot of things I have in mind for the packet but I feel like a lot of pieces are not important or needs. Hopefully through this journey I will figure out what needs to be included and what doesn’t. I am very excited to get the ball rolling on this and see what I can do.


Components that I may include in this project would be:


Booklet:: While I was researching Dyslexia, I found a typeface called Open Dyslexia. Specifically, the type has elements that keep it grounded on the page so that the letters don’t flip or jump around as much. After finding the character set, including uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and some of the punctuation, I will apply it to an activity book. The activity book will go through crucial letter, number and problem solving skills. The student can use the book with the help of the parent/teacher. The book is printed on thick construction paper so that the student can feel the pencil push into the paper, which is an important step in learning how to write. I will also include audio that will accompany the booklet so the child can take it home and work in it.

Logo:: I want to use the caterpillar because I believe when a person/child has a disability that they start out like a caterpillar and if they try hard enough they will become a butterfly. So maybe I could work with this idea. i want to use an animal in general, i was also thinking jumble  monkey, or “owl” help, or ;earning to “bear”

Home Support pack:: It will inform the parents about what is happening in class and suggest home activities that reinforce learning.

An Anapestic Meter Book:: Because dyslexic kids have problems with rhyming  this book will be a fun way to learn. I am also thinking about having audio with it as well.

Flashcards:: To accompany the book, I will design a set of flashcards, including uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and different colored vowel flashcards. The flashcards each have a picture/icon to accompany the letter to help sound out the letter and see the word in context. Ideally, the student could use the cards to make and spell out words as well.

A game:: Featuring a large word bank, the game aims to make learning new words fun for dyslexic children through friendly competition. The game comes with cards with words to choose from.

A box?? I would like to have a box for the kids to hold all these fun things in. I was thinking about maybe a lunch box type thing, but then I was thinking about having them maybe in a butterfly box. This idea came from my logo idea. But I don’t know if people will get the idea.



Sketches for logo, game, book, support pack, flashcards, booklet

Prototype for packet, booklet, flashcards

Choosing color schemes


Tight sketches for logo, poster sticker & calendar

Decided format for packet & booklet

Decided color schemes

Copy being written for all elements

Sketches for illustrations




Begin Mockups for logo, game, book, support pack, flashcards, booklet

Tight sketches of packet & booklet

Copy finalized

Begin illustrations


Begin mockups for packet & booklet

Edit illustrations


Make printed copies to see how they fit together

All digital mockups ready for critique

First Assessment

Make revisions to all elements based on assessment critiques


Continue revising project elements


Considering paper choices

Purchasing necessary materials while not in Farmville

Keep revising




Start printing to figure out any errors


Any last minute fine-tuning


Print final elements for assessments!

Revisions after assessments


Print FINAL project


First December Post

I just got my proposal approved and I am very excited to start the project. I have started my sketches and I will be posting them by the end of the month.


Hello world!

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