Honors Courses

Biology 121

In biology 121, I learned the basics of reviewing a scientific essay. In my highlight (below) I reviewed a paper pertaining to data gather on the preferred colors of berries and frogs to tropical birds. I chose this highlight because it was one of the last papers we wrote for class and probably one of …

Biology 122

One of the focuses of Biology 122 was to gather data in the field and present it in a way that was both interesting and informative. This essay (below) discusses the effects of different colored light on plants. Information is taken from other sources as well as my group’s personal experiment. 

Biology 324

Overview Bio 324 was Genetics. In addition to regular genetics lectures and lab, myself and three other honors students spent about an hour each week outside of class working on a semester-long project. Through this project, we hoped to create a bacteria that could successfully identify metals in water with genetic engineering. Reflection I did …

English 400

Overview  For my English 400 class, we traveled to Alaska to study social issues. I focused on drug use and abuse and why it is so prominent in the last frontier. Our project focused on “City as Text” and revolved around taking notes about the environment and the people we encountered. Reflection I thought this …


Reflection The goal of LSEM was to promote personal responsibility, self sufficiency, and citizen leadership. Throughout the course, we learned more about Longwood as well as opportunities on campus.

Math 171

Overview Math 171 was honors statistics. During this class, we learned about samples, populations, and how to make assumptions based on collected data. Reflection I enjoyed this class far more than I thought! I also realized just how important statistics could be to biological data. Artifact Unfortunately I cannot find anything to use as an …

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