Students, and teachers, and visitors… Oh my!

Stakeholders. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, stakeholders are any person with an interest or concern in something. Because of it’s broad interpretation and definition, there can be a variety of different stakeholders for one specific issue. By proposing a campus wide instillation of basic medical training for incoming freshman, there are a lot of stakeholders that are apart of this decision. According to the US Census taken in 2010, there were 8,216 people living in the town of Farmville. According to the Fact Sheet provided by Longwood, there were 4,831 students enrolled at Longwood University in 2010. What these numbers show that roughly 50% of the town of Farmville is made up of students.

This table shows the number of students enrolled at Longwood University between the years of 2005 and 2010. This breaks down the numbers into undergraduate, graduate, full time and part time.

Now these numbers are meant to show you that Farmville is dependent on students and their interactions with town members. Both of these populations are the main stakeholders because they are going to be the ones that are directly affected by the proposition. Students will be the ones receiving direct training on how to react and treat a variety of medical emergencies. While the program will be primarily focused on students helping fellow students, it is not necessarily restricted to that. By having a basic understanding of how to react to a medical emergency, students can provide aid to anyone that encounter. This could be at Walmart, Cookout, or at a public event like Rock The Block.

Prince Edward Volunteer Rescue Squad is the main provider of prehospital emergency care. Headquarters is located on Doswell Street, which is right off of Second Street and answers approximately 2500 calls to service a year.

These are not the only stakeholders. Some other groups include the faculty and staff that are employed through Longwood. These individuals may find themselves in need of emergency medical assistance, and their students will be able to provide that to them. Visitors to campus can feel safer knowing that the students around them can provide assistance if necessary. EMS providers, like those at Prince Edward Volunteer Rescue Squad or Hampton Sydney Fire and EMS can find peace in the fact that Longwood students can provide initial aid to a situation before they arrive. All these people are connected by the fact that students are receiving basic first aid training, which can save lives in the grand scheme of things.

Another large factor in even getting this idea off the ground are the instructors that will need to come in and train these students. These will need to be trained EMS personal who have the time and energy to commit to training these students in basic first aid and how to respond to certain situations. Without their help, this proposal will never be able to come full circle. They are the biggest and most important stakeholders, because without them, this idea isn’t feasible.

Stakeholders are the reason why projects can be completed. Without their input or agreement to try something new, there would never be new developments. They play an important role in getting things done right the first time around and will also be the reason why some proposals will be implemented in the Longwood community.




Critical Source Summary (MLA):

“Fact Book 2010-2011.” Longwood Fact Book. Longwood University Department of Assessment and Institutional Research , n.d. Web. 24 Sept. 2013.

I chose this as my critical source summary because it provided the most information that is usable for my definition of the stakeholders for my proposal. The information that I was able to gather from this report allowed me to create an image of the exact number of students that were enrolled at Longwood over a period of time. It also gives me the breakdown of the demographics of those students, and gives statistics on student activities. I can use this information in the future as I define my problem and propose a solution. This will also be very beneficial to use with I look at institutional resistance to my idea of basic medical training for incoming freshman.


2 thoughts on “Students, and teachers, and visitors… Oh my!

  1. I think you covered most of the stakeholders. Here is something else to think about..what if teachers were required to have the training as well? If I remember correctly, a student at Longwood last semester was in class and fainted while in class. In this situation I feel that it is the teachers position to handle this situation since they are in fact in charge of the class. Also I know I mentioned this in your first post, but what about transfer students, they are not necessarily freshman. Great job!

  2. Really good job of explaining the stakeholders. It was very simple and easy to follow. You made a good point that this would not only help Longwood students, but could also be a life saver for a community member. It does not have to be the town of Farmville either. Longwood students come from all over the Virginia, the United States, and even other countries. Having a basic medical program could benefit countless others around the world.

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