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MeHello, my name is Whitney Price. I am a Chemistry major with a minor in Biology at Longwood University. I’m from a small town called Cascade, VA, which is about 15 minutes from North Carolina. I’ve always had a passion for math and science, which is why I choose a degree in Chemistry. My anticipated date of graduation is May 20, 2017. After graduation I plan to attend grad school to study Forensic Toxicology or Forensic Pathology. When I was 12 years old I visited the DEA, as a part of the Great Explorations program. From the visit I began a passion for chemistry, mainly focusing on forensics. My time here at Longwood has taught me a lot and I believe that I have developed the proper skill and knowledge to not only enter into the Forensic world but to be a leader. I hope my blog will give you a little incite into who I am, and what I have done and learned during my time at Longwood University. Thank you.

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