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Walmart April 2-6

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Courtney Carnevale

Walmart Scan

Week Ending in April 6

The first blog I found was posted on April 6 written by Bill Bishop that is titled, “Does Walmart Depress Local Wages?”.  There was a study done by two economists from the University of Connecticut that found that in rural areas in the Southeast especially Walmart has the power to depress wages. Walmart is the nation’s largest employer. There is practically no effect in the Northeast in comparison with Vermont showing the least effect on local wages. States including Kansas, West Virginia, and Arkansas are suffering over 6% in monopsony power.

The second blog I found this week was posted on April 3, and written by Stephanie Rabiner and titled “NY Woman, 73, Sues Walmart for Age Discrimination“. This post is about Anne Squatrito of Long Island. She is accusing Walmart of firing her because of her age and disability, but Walmart says in response that she was fired because she has violated the store’s time-clock policies. She claims that after she got back from her disability leave which was because of a heart attack she was assigned to move 200 lbs of merchandise which could be illegal because the store knew of her heart problems. She claims that the management has been trying to get her to quite for the past 8 years, one of her supporting statements of this is that she makes $22 dollars an hour and they could easily get rid of her and get 3 new employees for the same price.

A very sad event happened in a Walmart parking lot on April 6,2012. A police officer named Jaime Padron was shot in the neck and died. Jamie was shot after a routine call to the store about someone who was drunk. Padron sadly has two daughters one who is ten years old and one who is six along with a wife. Two Walmart employees held down the suspect until more police arrived on the scene. They are truly the heroes of this story and have helped greatly in this case. This story was posted on

I also found an article on the New York Times website titled “To Do Deals, Nothing Helps Like Friends In High Places” written by Steven Davidoff. This article says that foreign countries, “use a mélange of approval requirements to hinder foreign investment and success. And in many countries, vast areas of the economy are off limits to foreigners.” This means only bad news for Walmart in India where the government recently announced that it was going to delay plans to allow foreign retailers like Walmart to wholly own and operate retail stores in the country.  

I am still following up with a story that has been mentioned in a few of my blog posts because I found a Walmart Press Release titled, “Walmart Announces Top 10 Finalists in Popular “Get on the Shelf” Contest More than One Million Votes Cast for over 4,000 entries.” The three winning products will have the opportunity to sell their item on Walmart. com and the Grand Prize winner will get the chance to be sold in select U.S. Walmart stores. The top ten products range from fashion items to household items and even green products.

Another press release I found was posted on April 6, and is titled ” Walmart Launches Groundbreaking Initiative to Empower Women Working in Factories in India, Bangladesh, China, and Central America”. This initiative will empower 60,000 women and teach them critical life skills including communication, hygiene, safety, and gender sensitivity. Also this will help up to 8,000 women recieve leadership training for career success. This initiative plays an important role in Walmart’s mission statement of improving the lives of their suppliers, associates, and customers.

Google Alerts: My google alerts for this week shared a link with me that led to an article named, ” We love whole foods but shop at Walmart”. This article was all about how Walmart gets really low ratings on customer service but they are convenient and they have the lowest prices and that is why customers keep coming back for more.

Weekly Outlook: Walmart needs to stay out of the way of lawsuits that are unneeded. I think they need to put the extra time and money into paying attention to their elderly and disabled because even though they will be probably losing money for keeping them as an employee they will definitely lose more money if they lose a lawsuit. Again another shooting in a Walmart parking lot, I can’t say I’m surprised but I wish they would take more security measures to help this reoccuring situation in the future.

Walmart March 26-30

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Courtney Carnevale

Walmart Scan

Week ending in March 30

The first blog I found this week was posted on March 26, 2012 by reporter Robert T. Garrett titled “Wal-Mart Heiress Alice Walton endorses James for Senate”. Alice Walton is the daughter of Sam Walton the founder of Wal-Mart and she was just named in Forbes magazine as the 10th richest American. She is known as a major republican supporter but she usually does not show public support for a specific candidate, this makes Craig James feel very humbled and grateful. This could have some negative affects for Wal-mart as a brand and company though because this may tie Wal-mart to Republican ideals and democrats and independents may not be as supportive of the brand if they know the owners’ have differing values than their own.

The second blog I found was posted on March 27, and was written by Nisma Elias, the title of this blog is “Fiercely Feministing“. This blog ties into both Crisis Communication and my Gender and Communication class which is great because it just shows how everything I am learning in my communication classes is going to come together and form a huge nugget of knowledge that I will be able to pick and pull from in real world situations like this. To give you some background on this blog there was a situation where in the Juniors section of Walmart in the girls underwear section there were panties that had sayings on them like, “Who needs credit cards…” and other derogatory statements that are telling women that they don’t need money because they have an ATM machine between their legs! Walmart needs to be careful of the merchandise they are selling and what messages they are sending to young impressionable women.

I found a  news article on written by Andrew Newman that is titled ” Tied together in Aisle 5: Country Acts and a Cause“. This article was written on March 29, and is about a record label called Big Machine Label Group which owns three country labels in Nashville. They are teaming up with a campaign called Outnumber Hunger and some country acts, “will be featured on General Mills products as part of a charitable effort to raise more than $2 million for Feeding America, a hunger relief charity.” Walmart is getting in on the charitable effort because on April 6 over 2,400 Walmart locations will display Outnumber Hunger signs and in the produce section and will feature Big Machine CDs.

A second article I found concerning the Walmart community abroad in London was written by Peter Evans and posted on the Wall Street Jounal website. Evans article is titled ” U.K. Supermarkets Brace for Tanker Driver Strike.” The decision to strike was made on Monday afternoon by members of the Unite Trade Union. This is going to affect the four largest supermarkets in the U.K which includes Walmart. They do sell oil on-site at many of their locations and this could affect them in the very near future.

On March 26, Walmart posted a press release on their website titled, ” Walmart executive to present at CIBC World Markets conference”. The conference will be held on March 28 in Toronto, Canada. Walmart is #1 on the Forbes Fortune 500 companies and this press release reveals a few reason why, “Wal-Mart Stores Inc. services customers and members  more than 200 million times per week at 10,130 retail units under 69 different banners in 27 countries.”

Google Alerts: My google alerts for March 28 shared with me a story titled ” Two arrested in Walmart parking lot shooting in Avon”. This shooting happened in the middle of the day at 4pm in the afternoon on Memorial Drive. Police do believe that this shooting is in relation to drug activity. This is not a positive story for Walmart to be tied to, because no only was someone hurt on their property but also their was drug activity link to the situation. Even though all of the suspects are under arrest and no one was killed it is still not a good sign that illegal activity is happening on Walmart property.

Weekly Outlook: Walmart needs to cut down on the crime in their stores and on their property. There are innocent families and children running around and if a child or a family gets killed it is going to look ugly for Walmart and their reputation. They need to start having more security in their parking lots, warehouses, stores, and gas stations. They should start training to have undercover cops everywhere, all the time, and this may sound unreasonable or too much money but safety always comes first.

Walmart March 19-23

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Courtney Carnevale

Walmart Scan

Week ending in March 23

I found a blog posted on March 21, 2012 that was titled “Charts: just how big is Walmart?” The answer to this question is actually in 2011 there were 8, 970 stores world wide! That is just a huge number that my mind can not wrap around. This research was done because a man named Andy Kroll was looking into Walmart’s new green plan. I have talked a little bit more about Walmart’s sustainability plan in previous posts and he was looking into the legitimacy of these actions and he did not find anything to praise Walmart about to say the least. He said that, “although Walmart claims to be monitoring its factories’ compliance with environmental and labor rules, its auditing system is plagued by corruption. What’s more, many factories outsource more than half their work to “shadow” factories—unregulated operations that auditors never visit at all.” If these claims are true then this is not good publicity for the company as a whole.

Another blog I found on  March 23, 2012 talked about the three little words everyone thinks of when they think of Walmart. If you don’t know Walmart’s tagline by now then you are probably living under a rock, but just to fill you in Walmart lives by the motto “Everyday Low Prices”. Now they are thinking of a tagline for their online portion of the company and what is the overall winner is “Anytime, Anywhere”. This may be the tag line for the whole company one day if everything keeps going well but right now this should just be going into effect for their website. Right now only amounts to 2% of the brands revenue. Hopefully they can start getting more online sales so they don’t get beat out by other online hubs like has proven that Walmart can get into the news even when the main part of the story has nothing to do with Walmart. One story that I read on the site talked about two plane crashes in Colorado that happened only six miles apart. Walmart was recognized in this story because the second plane actually crashed in an intersection near a Walmart. The second story was about giving your home a “Mad men” makeover just like the show. There was a lot of name brand products that you could buy that were thousands of dollars but the article also mentioned that you can get an almost identical kitchen set to make your house resemble Mad Men at Walmart for a very reduced price.  

A press release out on March 19,2012 is titled “Riverview welcomes a new Walmart neighborhood market”. This new Walmart location will provide 90 jobs for local residents. This store guarantees to provide fresh food and familiar brands. The ribbon cutting ceremony will be on March 28,2012 at 7:30 am and the Riverview High School Choir will be performing.

A second press release was posted on March 21, 2012 titled “Walmar takes Angry Birds space to new heights with the first retail and gaming integration”. This means only Walmart customers will be able to access ” Golden Eggstand” clues to open four bonus levels in the game. Also Walmart is offering the games fans a lot of Angry Birds Merchandise like apparel, phones, snacks, and toys.

Google Alerts:  My Google alerts showed me a link about how Walmart’s Bass Fishing League is coming to Bracey, Virginia on March 23, 2012. I didn’t even know Walmart had a Bass fishing league but the more I research and learn about Walmart this fun fact does not surprise me. Walmart has something for everyone and now I truly believe that. The grand prize is 6,000 which is a great prize for catching a fish if you ask me. So Good Luck to all of the competitors.

Weekly Outlook: The one crisis I see this week is sustainability. I think if Walmart is going to go the green route then they need to committ to that and not do it half-heartedly because they will let economically friendly people down by their failures and maybe loose them as customers. Even though being sustainable and going green costs more money than using products bad for the environment I think the cause is worth the money for this company.

Walmart March 12-16

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Courtney Carnevale

Walmart Scan

Week Ending March 16, 2012

In a previous post I found a link from my google alerts about a couple that had invented something for the “get on the shelf” competition Walmart is doing. Now I found two other blog posts about this competition and people trying to get their products name out there. The first blog I found talked about a product called under the weather. This looks like a one person little tent but it’s actually weather proof for when you are watching sporting events. It has spf, can withstand winds up to 38mph, and  is water resistant. This is great for all those soccer moms and dads out there!

The next blog I found this week also was talking about another invention for this contest. This blog talked about an invention that would be awesome for all those business men and women in the NorthEast. This invention is an icescraper for your car with an attached flashlight. The winners will be chosen by popular vote and then be put into Walmart stores.

I found an article from the New York Times on Thursday March 15 written by Andy Rosenthal titled ” Good Jobs and Bad Jobs”. He mostly was talking about the economy and how even though there are less people who are unemployed we are not really that excited because these people are not getting “good” jobs. He says he did a study of facebook profiles and after the military people in their twenties are mostly working at Walmart, Starbucks, Target, and Best Buy. This could be both positive and negative press because Andy Rosenthal is essentially saying that getting a job at Walmart is not good enough and that being employed by this company is nothing to brag about. It could be positive press though because if you look at it from a different point of view then we are helping the economy because we are providing jobs in a lot of towns and cities and it is possible to move up through the company if you desire to do so.

On I found an article about a strange subject concerning Walmart. There has been an increase of people stealing Tide laundry detergent from Walmart. Now that seems like something odd for people to steal, because I know that I would go for a TV or a Wii game console but a local police officer described that laundry detergent is something that is a basic need and that if people are desperate enough they will start stealing household commodities. There was a case where a man is suspected to stealing $25,000 worth of Tide detergent in a 15 month period in the West St. Paul area in Minnesota. Also reports in Kentucky are saying that people are stealing these goods to resell them back to less professional retail stores on the black market.

I found a press release that was about the opening of a new Walmart in Covington Georgia. This Walmart is going to provide 300 jobs for people in the area. The opening will also benefit non-profit organizations because at the grand opening ceremony grants will be presented from the Walmart Foundation. The press release also says that this store will have a bright interior color palette to help customers navigate around the store and provide an inviting shopping experience.

Another press release on Walmarts webpage talks about how Sam’s club is now the deals retailer for in 2012. provides vital information about baby care resources for soon to be moms and dads. Because of this event Sams club and is hosting a twitter competition and people who tweet #HealthyMoms will have a chance to win baby prize packs from Sam’s club that are worth about 1,500 dollars.

Google Alerts: My google alerts shared a link with me about how police officers in Stow Ohio have caught 2 people this week for shoplifting. On March 12 a man was arrested for stealing an LG blu-ray Disc player worth 78 dollars. Then again on March 13 two women were arrested for stealing, “a Sanyo 42-inch TV valued at $448, a Blu-ray player valued at $128, a Blu-ray disc valued at $15 and two pair of Danskin shoes with a combined value of $25.”

Weekly Outlook: It seems like there has been a lot of theft out there this week with the Tide detergent incidents and then again with all of the theft in Ohio. This problem is nationwide and is not concentrated in a certain area or even a certain state. Walmart needs to crack down on security and start reviewing their security cameras more thoroughly. These incidents over and over again could be costing Walmart a lot of money that they do not need to waste.

Walmart March 5- March 9

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Courtney Carnevale

Walmart Scan

Week Ending in March 9,2012

The first blog I found was posted on March 7,2012 and is called ” Will Walmart meet its sustainability goals?“. This post is written by Jennifer Kho and she comments on an article written by Stacy Mitchell who has been analyzing how Walmart is doing in comparison to their goals they set as a nationwide company. One of Walmart’s goals was to use 100 percent renewable resources by 2012. Mitchell claims that, ” only 2 percent of Walmart’s energy came from renewable sources last year. At Walmart’s current pace, it would take 300 years to reach its goal of 100 percent renewable energy.”

Another blog was posted on March 8, 2012 by Dennis Romero that was titled ” Walmart’s Chinatown Plans decried by Pro-Labor Group.” The Pro-Labor group the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE) is holding a news conference to discuss Walmart’s ridiculously low wages that they like to coin “poverty wages”. They are also accusing Walmart of hiring undocumented workers in the Los Angeles area. In the blog a Walmart rep speaks back and says, “We’re finding that the more people learn FACTS about the company, the more they see the value in brining a Walmart store to their community. For example, our wages and benefits are competitive with a majority of our California competitors and our stores are often magnets for growth and development.” this week posted an article on March 7,2012 about how Walmart and Sam’s Club are going to be opening more self- checkout lines. At first this sounds great to me because I know that I am really focused when I go into Walmart and I go through the isles as fast as I can and then I get stuck in a checkout line that is a mile line but labeled “express”. Not only will this hopefully cut down on wait time for customers but this will also save Walmart a lot of money. Chief Financial Officer Charles Holley says that, ” Pushing shoppers to scan their own items and make payments themselves, eliminating the cashier, has the potential to save Wal-Mart millions of dollars.” This plan also scares me because another great thing that Walmart does especially in small towns is provide jobs for a lot of people, but if we are cutting out cashiers then this might have a negative side effect and people may get laid off. The article did not address this issue but I this this is a possible problem.

I found another article on that was not supposed to be about Walmart but when scanning through I found an interesting fact that may shock some Americans. There was a top 20 richest people in the world list posted this week and not one, not two, but three people from the family of Sam Walton who is the founder of Walmart were on the list. This scares me because of the never ending buzz about how Walmart workers recieve such low wages and then this comes out in the news saying that the founder’s family are the richest people in the world. It really sets up a bad picture of wealth verses minimum wage.

On Walmart’s webpage I found a press release from March 8,2012 about how Sam’s club has teamed up to provide about one million meals for local food banks during this critical spring time. Sam’s club members have two ways to participate in this event. They can purchase specially marked general mills products or they can place non perishable items in bins in Sam’s club stores.

On March 9, 2012 my google alerts sent me a link that was about how there has been a Walmart text messaging scam. There is a text message sent and it sends you to a website where you can recieve a free walmart gift card. This type of scam is known as smishing and is in no way affiliated with the Walmart Corporation.

Weekly Outlook: I think that this text messaging scam could really affect Walmart and lead to other online scams and viruses. The virtual world is scary when it is working against your company and it is something very difficult to get under control. I think Walmart also needs to be careful about the wages workers are recieving because every week I see something in the news or in a blog about upset workers and the last thing Walmart needs is workers quitting or walking out.

Walmart the week of February 27-March 2

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Courtney  Carnevale

Walmart Scan

Week ending in March 2, 2012

One blog I found was written by a local citizen in Athens Georgia that was posted on Tuesday February 28, 2012. He talked about how he doesn’t love everything about Athens but that the downtown area has a special place in his heart, and now there is a proposal to put in a Walmart and he is absolutely outraged!

The next blog post I found was written by Derek Wong about the Walmart Green Student Challenge that happened in Canada. This blog was posted on March 1, 2012. At this assembly or conference there were three big Canadian companies represented including Walmart, Coca-cola and Unilever. Walmart has pretty bold sustainability goals that include, “(1) achieve 100% renewable energy use, (2) get down to zero waste, and (3) sell products that are sustainable both to people and to the environments.” (Carbon 49 Blog)

The New York Times online had an article about the tornado that hit Harrisburg Illinois on March 1,2012. This tornado devasted the town and with it the Walmart in the town shopping center. The article mentions how many people were employed by this Walmart and that they are now looking for jobs in the mines until it is rebuilt hopefully in the  near future.

A press release was posted on Wednesday February 29, 2012 about the Walmart Foundation starting a partnership with the non-profit organization Achieving the Dream. This partnership includes 2.5 million dollars to, ” help community college students by increasing staff and faculty engagement.” Walmart wants to be involved in this project and many others like it because they enjoy giving back and being involved in the communities they serve.

Another press release was posted on March 1, 2012 about Walmart’s partner Sam’s Club and their new magazine titled “Healthy Living Made Simple”. This magazine focuses solely on, “health and wellness issues and a value-added resource that lifts member awareness on topics related to personal, child and pet health, from infant sleep patterns to nutritional supplements to living with diabetes and heart disease”(Sam’s Club). This magazine is shipped to about 7.4 million households and about 600,000 copies are available in stores for customers to purchase.

Google Alerts: Through the google alerts I found a pretty cool story about a competition that Walmart is holding for regular United States citizens to have the opportunity to get their product on a Walmart shelf. The article focuses on Steve and Suzy Spatz and how they are in the competition with about 4,000 other participants. Their product is for a Corn-n-Tater Microwave bag and you can vote for their idea online.

Weekly Outlook: There has been a variety of different events happening at Walmart this week. No one can predict or prepare adequately for a Tornado or that size of a natural disaster. I think that this week Walmart has really helped its reputation with the health magazine at Sam’s club and their positive press about their competition for a new product to be on their shelves. As a company they just need to be on their toes for natural disasters and unhappy customers.

Walmart February 20-24

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Courtney Carnevale

Walmart Scan

Week ending in Friday February 24th

The first blog I found this week actually had a positive spin on how Walmart was helping people. This blog specifically focused on how Walmart is helping Senior Citizens in the communities they have stores. A few main points from the blog includ that Walmart offers 4$ prescriptions, they also offer a discount prescription plan, they are the largest distributor of local and organic produce, and they are the largest purchaser of organic cotton.

Another blog discussed a crisis situation in the Mesa Walmart on February 20th 2012. A man named Andrew Seals walked into the bathroom and when he was just about to sit down his gun fell out of its holster and fired a round. The bullet landed a mere 5 feet away from another man in the bathroom Andrew Seal was not arrested for this offense but he was charged with endangerment.

Walmart put out a press release online on February 21st 2012 talking about how the Daytona Florida Walmart is going to be offering NASCAR appearances, and race car simulators. There will also be special savings on NASCAR items this week in store.

The second press release also had a NASCAR theme because this week at the Las Vegas Walmart they are offering special 99$ tickets for families to enjoy the Kobalt tools 400 on March 11. This is a total savings of about 100$ for families.

On this week Walmart is actually involved in a missing person case. Police officials are now searching for a couple who are connected to the disappearance of a Florida firefighter. Jerry Perdomo’s car that he drove from Florida to Bangor was found empty in a Walmart parking lot on February 17th.

My google alerts found an article from the Richmond Times Dispatch online that was covering a story that involved, “A Walmart distribution center employee who shot and wounded his supervisor before fatally shooting himself”(Richmond Times Dispatch). The shooters pastor is actually speaking out saying that this was an atypical event for this man and that it was very “out of character”. They are not releasing any information about the injured woman at this time but reporters are hoping to get a more in-depth interview with her soon.

Weekly Outlook: I think all of the issues this week are all about security. I think Walmart needs to invest in security around the clock inside the building and in the parking lots because so many accidental issues are happening inside and around their company property that they are being associated with that is not really their fault but it is still hurting their reputation. There needs to be cameras not only inside all of the stores but also in the parking lots and in the storage facilities. I also think workers should have to go through metal detectors before entering work because that could have prevented the horrible shooting and the loss of a life.

Walmart for week of February 13-17

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Courtney Carnevale

Walmart Scan

Week Ending in February 17th 2012

I found a blog on February 14th 2012 that is written by a worker for Walmart and they were voicing their concerns about their hours. They had worked the same shift for the past couple of years and recently put in a change to their lead supervisor to get their hours changed because of military responsibilities. They feel that they were disrespected because they did not allow them to change hours but a few weeks later without notice that Walmart eliminated that whole shift without warning.

Another blog I found posted on February 16th 2012 was complaining about the low wages of Walmart workers even though their workers are not low in skill level.  The profits that the owners are making are not even going to charities or to good causes the blog reports.

Some might think of going to Walmart or grocery shopping in general a tedious task but some people take their love of Walmart a little too far. A couple actually got married in Walmart and the video was posted on on February 16th, even though this is not my ideal place to find love I’m glad other people can.

Another Video that has surfaced this week involving Walmart appeared on In this video a man got undressed and went into a Walmart naked and stole a pair of socks. This happened in Pennsylvania and luckily the man was caught on tape, he is now identified and has been charged.

Walmart put out a press release online that the improved Kirkwood Walmart in St. Louis Missouri is now open for business. This store has a new layout and an updated design. This new store is easier to navigate and has wider aisles for more convenience. Also this expansion will add 75 more jobs and the renovation includes energy efficient technology features.

My google alerts brought up a link that discussed a crisis that happened on Friday February 10th at the Spearfish Walmart. Part of a logging truck detached and crashed into the side of the Walmart building. A loose log also hit a Budweiser delivery truck as well. There were luckily no injuries but the South Dakota HIghway Patrol is investingating the incident.

Weekly Outlook: The biggest threat is just how massive of a company Walmart has become. There could be any number of crises over a period of time that store managers and even corporate cannot handle or be properly prepared for. Walmart needs to just have safe security including cameras and beware of outside forces like crazy logging trucks and naked men.

Walmart Scan for week ending on February 10, 2012

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Courtney Carnevale

Walmart Scan

Week ending on February 10,2012

Walmart actually released four press releases on it’s website on February 6. The first press release was about how the Walmart Foundation donated 9.5 million dollars to help families access the information need to live healthier lives. This money will go to support nutrition education programs, and will provide classes for how to cook and shop for healthier choices on a budget. ( Press Release) Another press release out on February 6th announced that Sam’s club is offering an event on February 11th where people can get free heart heath screenings in the pharmacy. (Press Release) The third press release on February 6th was about how Walmart will hold its annual shareholders meeting on June 1st of this year. At the end of the meeting there will be a thirty minute question and answer session company executives for shareholders. (Press Release) The last press release on February 6th from Walmart says that they have unveiled the “great for you” icon on their great value food items so it is easier for consumers to make healthier choices.(Press Release)

While looking through the blog Walmart Watch I found a blog entry posted on February 10th that a Walmart worker from Massachusetts died on the job on September 8.2008. This man was Romulo de Oliveira Santos, a Brazilian immigrant. The whole story about the incident is on the Huffington Post website.

Online at there is an article about a seven year old girl in who was fighting off her alleged kidnapper in Walmart. The Walmart surveillance cameras caught a man on camera picking the girl up and trying to walk away with her. She started kicking and screaming and he eventually put her down and fled the store. The police officials actually caught and arrested a man named Thomas Woods for the incident.

Weekly Outlook: As a company that is in every state across the U.S. there is a lot of issues and crises that happen everyday. I think that overall Walmart this week has done a good job of putting a lot of positive new releases out to counter balance the issues that have happened like the death of workers and the constant complaints of low wages and the accidental kidnappings.

I have found it more effective to scan the informative pages manually than to get google alerts because of the size and breadth of the company. I am able to find more articles tailored to my blogging needs without the google alerts this week.

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