The Humanities and Its Bodies

March 21-22, 2014, Longwood University

The Virginia Humanities Conference invites proposals for papers, panel sessions, and performances that investigate any aspect of the humanities and its bodies.  The theme reflects our interest not only in discussions of how the humanities is always an embodied experience, but also in conversations about what bodies of knowledge define the humanities and how we might reconsider the range of the humanities in the light of STEM initiatives, digital scholarship, and other pressures on humanistic endeavors.  Dr. N. Katherine Hayles will deliver a keynote address on a new intellectual model for the humanities, and we believe that this year’s conference will also contribute to re-envisioning our work in the humanities.

Possible topics for consideration:

How do we embody the humanities?
How are humanistic practices affected by or defined by notions of the body?
How have we and how might we include the body in our understandings of the humanities?
How do different bodies (raced, gendered, classed, disabled, aged, etc.) affect the humanities?
How do the humanities help us understand the body?
What bodies of literature or knowledge are crucial to the humanities?
What bodies of knowledge might benefit the humanities?
How do disciplines and their bodies contribute to, or impede, the interdisciplinary humanities?

Please submit your proposal by January 20, 2014