Gun Violence within Schools

Safety within a community is vital for its well-being, especially in Longwood University.  Longwood University is a small school that holds upwards to 5,000 students vastly different then the other colleges within Virginia. In Farmville through this school is the heart of the town and the threats toward Longwood also affect it.  Gun control is a key concern for students and faculty.  In the last ten years, school shootings and shootings in general have almost become commonplace in our society.  Beginning with Columbine and ending recently with the shooting in Virginia Tech, violence has become the method for troubled teens and young adults to express their anger upon the world.  The consequences for these expressions are too costly to be ignored and must be approached in order to obtain a safer environment.

The greatest concern is not just at the recent increases in the number violent incidents but its proximity to the Longwood community.  As mentioned, one of the closest acts was in Virginia Tech, which is nothing more than four hours away from Farmville.  The closeness of the problem only makes it that much more visible and even more worrisome.  If Virginia Tech can be hit, how secure than is Longwood?  One key difference is the size of the campus, Longwood due to the population is a faction of the size of other big school thus giving it a much better reaction time.  Another problem is the individuals that commit these acts of violence at schools.  The individuals that comment them are like all the other students within the schools but have either suffered from others and or have severe emotional issues that compound leading toward violence.  What makes matters worse is the fact that in the state of Virginia any individual can gain access to a gun, thus making it easier for troubles individuals to gain these weapons.  For these problem individuals their access to such weapons need to be restricted, through better background and psyche evaluation these people might be able to be weeded out.

Dissenters toward the restriction of gun within Virginia and Longwood community might see a problem with this solution.  Their concern will be the limitation or prohibiting of guns within the state of Virginia.  They will see this action as another to the elimination of gun in the United States and will fight against it.  This will lead to conflicting ideas on which the author would disagree with the NRA and gun freedom.  Now it is not wished that guns be completely cut off from the populous, but more towards the better monitoring of whom the guns are sold to.

The main point of this argument is not to go to the opposite extreme of gun lovers and profess the end of guns in the states, but for the concern of the safety of our community.  If actions are not taken and violence in schools continues, it is not the fault of those who committed the act but with those who let it happen in the first place.

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3 Responses to Gun Violence within Schools

  1. Lilah says:

    Regardless of what the current gun laws are, further action needs to be taken to keep our kids safe within the schools. If your student feels unsafe at the current school they go to, find a different school. If your student is struggling, placement in a school geared toward helping them with their specific needs is going to benefit them the most. Here is a wonderful school that has helped my troubled teen:

  2. Kevin Kuhn says:

    This is a very serious issue, and one that cannot be overlooked. It is difficult to find a point of effective gun control without infringing on safe and responsible citizens rights to own fire arms. I believe strongly in responsible firearm ownership, and do not dismiss the issue of school/ public shootings. I am curious to follow your blog and see what ideas develop or discover regarding how to “weed out” unsafe individuals and increase community safety.

  3. Kyle Kidd says:

    I like that you mentioned psychological evaluation for potential gun owners is necessary, I do agree that we could cut down the number of school shootings if more cautious measures were taken, such as evaluating gun owners and college students that try to purchase a gun. I, as a student do not feel too concerned about proximity of violence in relation to Longwood, Virginia Tech may not be far away, but I believe that Longwood is a safe environment, in part because of the small size of the campus, which you mentioned earlier. The size of the campus facilitates community, most of the students I see everyday I recognize them from somewhere before, where as at larger schools, like Virginia Tech, students may not feel as close to each other because so many people attend that school that it is impossible to know everyone. I would like to add that I believe not only should there be firmer gun regulations but also more research should be put into developing psyc evaluation forms so that these plans can be put into action.

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