Veggie Tales Abstract

Posted on November 7, 2013 by Shannon Donahue.
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It is important to make sure as human beings that we get enough protein in our diets and while meat is the number source of protein in most diets we have found through our research that is it actually not very healthy for the human body, and if you are vegetarian you will most likely suffer less health complications and live an average of ten years longer. This paper illustrates the reasons in which being a vegetarian is more environmentally friendly than being an omnivore or even worse a carnivore. The reason that is it more environmentally friendly to be vegetarian is in a large part due to the beef industry. The beef industry contributes to a lot of greenhouse gas emissions as well as occupies a lot of land that could be used to grow other things. We also found through our research that in the United States nearly 70% of the grain grown is fed to farmed animals, if the world converted to a vegetarian lifestyle we could end the world hunger epidemic. This is one great reason everyone should convert their lifestyle to a vegetarian diet and while it is not realistic to imagine everyone to change their diet there are other ways that individuals can become more environmentally friendly such as participating in meatless Mondays. This paper will outline the many reasons it is more environmentally friendly to be a vegetarian as well as steps that individuals can take in their lives to be more environmentally friendly.

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