Table of Contents


This home page displays the Table of Contents for each of the ten sections of my Teacher Work Sample, which is the crucial part of an education course I completed at Longwood University in the Fall of 2015! The pages below contain subsections when applicable.

Above this post, individual links for each section are available for your convenience.


Section I: Developmental Considerations

Section II: Contextual Factors

  • Introduction: The Big Picture
  • Cumberland High School
  • Classroom Factors
  • General Student Characteristics
  • Case Studies

Section III: Learning Goals

  • SOL Objectives
  • Goals
  • ABCD Objectives

Section IV: Assessment Plan

  • Overview of the Assessment Plan
  • Pre-Assessment and Post-Assessment (Summative) Description

Section V: Design for Instruction

  • Analysis of Pre-Assessment
  • Matrix: Lesson Overview
  • Lesson Plans (5)
  • Narrative: Instructional Strategies

Section VI: Instructional Decision Making

  • Introduction
  • General Modification
  • Differentiated Modification
  • Conclusion

Section VII: Analysis of Student Learning

  • Whole Class

  • Individual Students

Section VIII: Reflection and Self-Evaluation

Section IX: References

Section X: Appendix