White Paper

White papers on a professional level are very difficult. I at first again, I have never heard of a white paper until this class. Discussing more and more and looking at different white papers from different people then gave me insight on what a white paper was really all about. Throughout this class we were assigned with a groupĀ of different class mates in which we were to work together to come up with a topic and design a white paper to present to the class. Making time for myself and others of the groupĀ and then finalizing a topic to present was one of the hardest things to do in the process of creating the white paper. After this was established between my group, we then gave out different sections for each member to work on and finish before we were to put our material into one document. We then had to put the finish touches on our white paper and create a power point to present our white paper to the class as a usability test to see what was clear and what was working and what wasn’t.