Usability Report

Before this class, I’ve never had heard of something called a usability report. Once we started to get into what it actually was, it all made sense to me that this is one of the biggest parts in creating a instructional manual, testing and finding out what works and what does not work for users. I then took what I was shown in class and moved that to on hand  and in-person activities. I first made a usability test script for myself to go by for results to be fairly similar from one another from my end in guiding them and asking them questions. I then had to make a separate print out of my instructional manual for users that I was going to test. Having to talk to my people that I tested and walk them through my instructional manual and take notes and observe where and what sections were understandable and where the users struggled or needed clarifications, was very eye opening. From what I thought and what I thought may be a little wobbly throughout the manual were completely different from what the usability test showed.