Instructional Manual

Instruction manuals are much harder than they seem. Depending on what type of material you are providing, it may change completely depending on the type of audiences you are providing for. For instance, my personal instruction manual that I made that focused on those who had computer skills of some sort. There were a few different steps into creating one of these. One of the most important steps was determining your audience you will be providing the manual for. Making the manual  really opened my eyes on how I had to present my material to my specific audience. I designed a manual that showed how to install a different operating system alongside Window 10. I decided to do this because there are not too many clear and understandable guides to help you accomplish this. My guide is step-by-step detailed in a way that if you only had very few computer knowledge, that you will be able to complete my guide I provided do to the guide being informative and instructional.