In overview, this class was very beneficial to me. I showed how to formally present professional documents the way they are meant to be presented in a professional and technical way. Before taking this class, I was unsure how to correctly write any time of technical document such as a manual or white paper. Now that I have successfully completed this class, I feel that I am much more confident now than before if I were to be asked to make similar documents such as these. I have learned all of the outcomes that this course had directed for me. This has given me the ability to revise and analyze different types of technical documents through verbal discussions with peers or observers. Being able to present a document toward a certain types of audiences greatly increased my ability to construct technical documents. This types of skills that I have learned, I will be taking with me once I am into the working world and use these types of cases in real-life situations such as presenting technical information toward peers. I am very thankful that I was given the chance to take this class, it really has helped me in a short term already and I know for sure that it is going to help me in the long run even more. I am more than excited to demonstrate my skills in what I have learned throughout this class when the time comes.