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Self Care Saturday: Toxic Relationships

Salutations Pridelings!

Once again I come to you to bestow my knowledge of self care. It is the most important kind of care, because, as the great RuPaul says, “If you cant love yourself, how the h*ll you gonna love anybody else?”

This week is going to be a short and sweet self care topic, but a very important one still: Toxic Relationships.

For those who are unaware of this, Toxic Relationships are connections you have with others where the other person is draining you or degrading you physically, emotionally, mentally, or sexually, essentially corroding your self esteem and overall well-being.

Now most people think of romantic relationships when they hear “toxic”. But we must not forget that non romantic relationships can be just as bad. That includes friendships, business partnerships, and family.

The most important thing to remember is no matter who this person is, even if it’s a parent, you have the power and the right to cut yourself from them in order to survive.  It’s much like getting bit by a zombie. If you act fast enough and cut off your limb, the infection will not spread and you will live to fight another day. But if you ignore the danger and continue, you will get sick and eventually die, turning into a zombie yourself. (Yes that’s an odd analogy but it’s Halloween and I like zombies)

Of course, if you are not sure if you can cut yourself from those you love, you should always have a support system to counteract the negativity coming from the toxic relationship. Surround yourself with healthy friends and family. Talk to a counselor or a teacher. Learn techniques to release the negative thoughts your toxic relationships pour onto you. Everything is in your hands. You are the center of your universe. You call the shots on your own life.

And of course, you can always count on me.

With Love,


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