The Gay Agenda: Longwood University's Pride Club Newsletter

Equality Applies to Bathrooms Too!


Linsey Asbury & Whitney Jones


On Thursday, March 2nd Longwood University’s Pride Club got swept away in a heartfelt protest against the removal of bathroom protections for trans* people: Longwood Day Without Bathrooms.  Longwood’s faculty, staff, and student bodies were all invited to use unisex bathrooms for one day and pledge or provide a statement on why they support this issue.  Over forty people chose to participate at our small booth outside Hiner Hall on Beale Plaza.  A brochure on why this issue matters, educational pamphlets of resources for LGBT+ people and their allies, and a map of unisex bathrooms were available upon request. Longwood Pride was blown away by the amount of support and compassion shown to us throughout our protest. We sincerely appreciate all the help and support we have received.



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