Let’s Take a Look at Lighting!

Today we chat with Ethan Miller;            co-lighting designer for our upcoming show “She Kills Monsters; Virtual Realms” by Qui Nguyen.

Q- Tell us a little about yourself?

A-I’m a third year BA theatre student and study lighting.

Q- This show is unlike a normal performance. What were some of the difficulties?

A- Working with the webcams the actors had and how light shows up on their end when we see the show.

Q- Not being able to go to the actors location, how was getting the lighting handled?

A- The actors were given a kit. In this kit were three little flexible lamps with colored filters. The we helped them set them up by a live Zoom meeting where we gave them directions.

Q- What made you interested in lighting?

A- The story telling element that lighting brings to a show and the use of lighting as an atmospheric effect. Also, lights are cool!

Q- What are you plans after you graduate?

A- I how to work for a theatre company starting as an electrician and working my way up to design.

Q- What do you hope people take away after viewing this performance?

A- That theatre is still living. It’s still alive!

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