Is McDonald's Targeting You?

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Advertising to Children

This song, also known as The Fast Food Song, used to be taught in schools to kids everywhere. The song was banned because parents and teachers didn’t want to promote unhealthy food to kids any more. Teaching this song to kids was a form of advertising for all of these fast food restaurants.

Fast food restaurants know that they can make a lot of money from advertising to kids. They know that you influence $500 billion from parents and other relatives spending money to get you things that you ask for. Fast food chains understand this and also know that if they can get kids in the door and make their experience with them positive, they’ll keep coming and coming into their adulthood, bring their children, and influence others around them to spend their money on that restaurant. They target you by giving you toys in Happy Meals, making websites with games on them, and introducing you to Ronald McDonald and his friends. Some McDonald’s even have play areas for you to have fun while you eat! It makes them seem like more than a restaurant, it’s a place you can have fun!

McDonald’s is very good at showing you their name and logo every single day. The McDonald’s “M” are the second most noticeable symbol in the entire world. 2 out of every 5 fast food restaurants are McDonald’s and 46 million people eat McDonald’s every single day. That’s more than all of the people in Spain combined!

Here’s a video about how McDonald’s makes burgers in their commercials look so delicious! Have you ever noticed that your burgers don’t look the same when you get them as they do in commercials? This is why! They don’t make them the same at all!

The problem is, Mcdonald’s isn’t just a restaurant anymore. They have a lot of different toys by several different brands. It’s called product licensing. Product licensing means that two companies work together to make a toy that has both companies on it. Here are a few examples of the toys that they have (you can click the pictures to see the websites they came from!):


McDonald's Barbie


McDonald's Play Doh


Play Drive Thru

Another reason McDonald’s targeting kids is bad is because their food isn’t very healthy. When you eat a Happy Meal, it’s like eating an entire box of Oreo’s! That’s definitely not good for you!A Happy Meal sized soda has about 9 teaspoons of sugar, and for every gallon of water in McDonald’s sweet tea, there is a pound of sugar. Check out this video to see just how much sugar that really is!

If that didn’t convince you that fast food is unhealthy look at this video. This burger was left out for months and it never went bad… the bugs didn’t even want it! That’s because the fillers (unused parts of the cow like tongue and skin) used in the burger meat have been cleaned with ammonia. Yes! That’s the same stuff your parents clean your kitchen and bathroom with!

If you want to learn more about what you can do to avoid being used by big companies and advertising, click on this link!

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