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The History Of College Drinking

Times have changed but some things remain the same; and on college campuses its the presence of alcohol. It is obviously clear that a large number of college students (many underage) develop a pattern of binge drinking and it is widespread throughout multiple college campuses. This has become a growing problem not just on academics but also on student’s health. In the article History of College Drinking On Campus the author explains the history of just a few of fatalities throughout history that has occured on college campuses. One of the fatalities included that a student within a sorority attended a party and died due to alchohol poisoning. According to this article Heavy Drinking Remains a Constant On College Campuses the incidents within college campuses and drinking have been constant for 30 years. The article also states that drinking incidents have occured more often compared to sexual assault and violence. One amazing fact that was displayed was that alcohol trumps facebook, outside jobs and class attendance as a predictive factor in a students academic performance. The steadiness of this problem is better than an increase, but the constance of the negative influences alcohol has brought upon college campuses is not a good thing, and needs to be addressed.

Bullying History in MCPS

As a small rural area, bullying has always been a large issue in Mecklenburg County. It’s bullying is focused more towards children of the homosexual orientation, or with some sort of disability, or if they simply do not “fit in”. Unfortunately, this happens just about anywhere you go. Human nature in this age tends to be in the “survival of the fittest stage” of life. So, in turn if bullying someone else to feel “fit” in their group is what a child feels is necessary then that is what they will do. On most occasions, they are not educated to the knowledge of what consequences can come from these actions.

In recent pasts, Mecklenburg County Public Schools (MCPS from here on out), has verbally enforced its concern with bullying among students although, they do not have much of a consequence system. When students are being bullied within the school grounds it is normally addressed by a lecture by some sort of authority who naturally has no respect from said student. Also, the consequences towards the bully are often times not severe enough to make any sort of impression. The student is normally told to stop and move on. All this teaches the student is that it’s okay to bully someone because you’re not going to get into any real trouble.

The current guidebook for MCPS states:

“The Mecklenburg County School Board shall establish, within its existing programs, a character              education program in its schools, which may occur during the regular school year, during the summer in a  youth development academy offered by the school division, or both…..The program shall also address the inappropriateness of bullying, as defined in the Virginia Code.”

This is the only section in the total of 400 pages that MCPS uses the word bullying/bully in any way. They have a small minute section of their guidelines focusing on “Character Education” but nothing regarding the larger sum of bullying inside or outside the school grounds. In time, I have a meeting with the principle of Bluestone Senior High School, where I will obtain more information on bullying on an individual level as opposed to only knowing the broad spectrum for the whole MCPS system.

Residential Background for Leasing

Longwood University has one of the best programs for future educators in Virginia. The program itself attracts a large portion of the student population to the school. Students in this program are given multiple opportunities to go out into the field in different areas all over the state. In addition, the nursing students at Longwood also complete their clinical in Richmond, Va and have to drive there many times throughout the week. Because of this, a decent amount of students choose to do their placements in a city that is too far away to commute to from Longwood; a reason that the Farmville area needs more six month leases.

Longwood University housing operates in a way that once you live off campus, you’re no longer permitted to live back on campus, however, considering that the school prides themselves with having these wonderful programs, the school doesn’t offer any compatible leases. This becomes one of our main issues. Students want to get their degree, but also want to come out of college with as little debt as possible. This becomes tricky because it costs more to live in an on campus apartment, but this is the only way for students to live in an apartment and pay for it with financial aid. On the contrary, if students want a cheaper rent and decide to go off campus, they have to continue using an off campus apartment the rest of their time at school. Because students typically choose to go off campus, students end up paying for six months of rent where they aren’t even living at and waste their money