The idea of implementing more lectures and programs which include intervention on drinking while on college campuses sounds easy enough but some resistance may hold back this idea from emerging. The problem with implementing this idea is that faculty and staff would have to do some research on how effective some of these programs are and if they actually work. Faculty also would have to schedule these programs in, and figure out who is going to provide the speech/ lecture. Multiple other things have to occur for this to actually happen but to make it brief the real resistance on implementing these programs and lectures is TIME and MONEY.

Other resistance comes from a different source which doesn’t include institutions but individuals. Students are the greatest resistance to these programs. One of the challenges of introducing these programs in attempts to reduce college drinking problems is the variety of the different groups and subgroups to be addressed and their diverse agendas and needs. Students identify alcohol as freedom and its their choice whether to have a few drinks or not. Student’s can resist by not showing up to the programs, not paying attention to what the lectures have to say about drinking, and also by making their own mind up on whether to drink or not. Without some students making poor decisions while drinking or drinking irresponsibly resistance would not be an issue.


photo by: quinn.anya