Drinking on college campuses is a problem an also a growing concern. Most of the students on college campuses are affected by college drinking, whether they are drinking or not. The problem with drinking isn’t that students drink, its the consequences that follow. According to the NIAAA (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism) on college drinking, about four out of five students drink alcohol and about half of those drinkers are binge drinkers. This is a growing concern for the student oriented community because the consequences of some students that drink include death, assault, sexual abuse, injuries, and also a decline in academic success.

Me, in my opinion, believe that students (especially freshman or new coming students) partake in consuming alcohol because when they leave home to go to college to some students it may feel as a sense of freedom and a right to drink whenever they please. With little to no information out of high school some students are infected by the consequences when introduced to alcohol. Through strategies like brief lectures and intervention programs that specifically target individuals on their problems or potential problems of drinking may be effective.

Through my own experience of becoming a freshman for Longwood University the only things i heard about drinking through brief lectures are “if you drink, you can get in trouble with law enforcement.” How is that suppose to warn students about the consequences of drinking? To embed some of these students with the possible consequences of drinking i say implement these lectures and programs mainly to target freshman and new coming students and these lectures should include all the risks of drinking, how these risks may interfere or interrupt their academic success and goals, and how to reduce/ monitor drinking, and how to handle high risk situations.