The off campus leasing companies will not want to change their policies to include the six month leases that students need. They would need to create a new lease with the specific requirements for tenants to follow. As for on campus housing, the Residential and Commuter Life staff don’t want students who asked to be released from campus housing to ask to come back on. Students who have tried this in the past have been denied and only transfer students have gotten them to appeal the policy. The RCL staff doesn’t want to add more students in their repertoire with the increase in underclassmen being admitted.

The off campus housing are against creating these leases for students because of money. They feel that if they open up six month leases that they’ll have more vacancies during one semester and they’ll lose thousands of dollars quickly. Also, because one of the off campus housing companies is a franchise, the Farmville specific company doesn’t have much control over how long they can rent. This is mainly because when tenants sign a lease, it’s a lease that’s been generated for the Farmville community by the franchise.

The on campus housing has never offered any six month leases either. For the average amount of students who continuously live in an on campus apartment complexes as upperclassmen, it’s surprising that there haven’t been any changes made over time. The policy at this time is that once a student reaches a certain amount of credits, roughly 50 credits, they can fill out an application to request to be removed from the Residential and Commuter Life system and live with an independent landlord. Once these students are approved to live off campus, they can not return to live in a Longwood University apartment complex. What is confusing to some, however, is that there are no half year lease options for students who need to pay for housing with financial aid. Students are, in a way, limited to what they choose to do their final year based on housing and financial aspects.

Keeping these students in mind, it would be beneficial for the RCL staff to revise their policy or change up how they lease so that everyone is considered.