To narrow my topic about adolescent and college drinking (mainly amongst freshman), the main concern about this topic is to increase the awareness of the possible dangers through more informative presentations/ speeches. This can be done with better awareness and mandatory programs for new coming students and for freshmen through their new lancer days week. It has been several years since i have came to Longwood University and experienced new lancer days but from what i can remember for drinking their main concern was to not make poor decisions solely based on breaking the law. College in todays sense goes hand in hand with drinking so trying to prevent students from drinking focus should be aimed more towards their decisions to drink and the consequences that may follow. Drinking while in college has more consequences other than just breaking the law through drinking in public, underage drinking, etc; It can cause individuals to make poor decisions which can cause bodily harm and in some cases death, as well as poor academics by causing student to skip classes due to laziness and oversleeping and students not drinking in moderation.

If these procedures and programs are created to help students prevent or better understand the negatives about drinking I believe that there will be a decrease in student accidents and academic failure that are caused by drinking alcohol. These informative procedures will help increase students awareness on college drinking and potentially help prevent certain negatives that alcohol can create for students attending college.