Longwood is becoming a more popular place to attend for higher education. The amount of students being admitted into the university is increasing each year. This is, of course, a positive turn out for the university, however there are some issues that come along with raising the freshman class. There are issues for students who have been enrolled in the university for years now and even for students who are about to graduate. As we increase the amount of students at Longwood, the on campus housing realizes that there aren’t enough beds for students. Due to this more recent issue, students who have completed 48 credits can apply to live off campus. The amount of credits has decreased significantly over the years. Just last year students had to complete 56 credit hours in order to apply. When I first entered as a freshman into Longwood, they stated and prided themselves on the fact that they could house students from freshman to senior year if they wished. This is no longer the case. The amount of living space on campus has decreased as two residential halls are undergoing renovations. One building, French Hall, which originally house 105 students, is being renovated for the technology center, housing computer services, the radio station and the TV studio for Communication Studies. The Cunningham Residence Halls will be completely demolished in the near future erasing 448 rooms.

I bring this up because as all of these things are happening on campus, more students are moving off campus and the off campus housing companies cannot accommodate everyone and their needs; specifically those students who need leases for half a year only. Students who are involved in the nursing program and the liberal studies program, students who decide to transfer in to Longwood, those who study abroad for a semester, or even those students who need an extra semester to finish their undergraduate or graduate program could greatly benefit from having a six month lease. The issue is that the housing companies don’t want to create six-month leases thinking that they will be able to fill these spots with students who will live there for the entire year. The list of students that I provided is not a small number of students. Students in the nursing and liberal studies program alone generate a good percentage in itself that shows the companies that it’s worth having the leases. 200 students transferred into Longwood this last year and that number is only from the Fall of 2013. There are approximately 50 students in the nursing program that have the option to go out into another county to complete their placement that could use six month leases as well. Longwood’s liberal studies program is one of the largest on campus and students also have the opportunity to leave the town of Farmville to complete their placement elsewhere. The numbers add up to a lot of money being wasted to the students signing leases for a year and only living in them for half the time. Wasting away hundreds of dollars a month is not ideal for students who most likely already have student loans and other debts to pay off. Housing shouldn’t be this large of an issue.