The main problem within the issue of college drinking is that there are not enough informative information on the dangers and the consequences of drinking while in college. Informative information is information that “informs” students of what the possible outcomes may be if they are associated with drinking, and not just the consequences. Within the Longwood University Student Handbook it doesn’t show any informative information on drinking, but within the handbook you will mainly see policies and punishments by Longwood but not the dangers.

As a new coming student from high school the dangers that these individuals run into could be endless, and alcohol is one of them. In Longwood, new students are required to go to various meetings before attending their classes and start their education as new students. Within those lectures, again have no informative information on alcohol but just mere scares on the policy and its punishments.

Although students can use common sense on how alcohol can disrupt their college career, it may be too late to catch back up on their work, or may be too late for preventing injuries, and sometimes-permanent damage.

A suggestion and my stand towards college drinking in Longwood University would to increase the amount of awareness and informative lectures on the dangerous and sometimes life ruining affects of alcohol while attending college.