The main issue that students’ deal with when they come across with six-month leases is that they aren’t offered. On the contrary though, the leasing companies don’t want to offer them because it’s an entire semester where they don’t create income. I’ve narrowed this down to one of the main leasing companies closest to campus for the sake of this blog and it’s understandable on both sides, however students should not have to pay for the extra six months.

When I called the office of one of the main leasing companies and asked if they offered them, her answer was simply no. She expanded and told me that if they can find someone to rent for the following semester that they would, but that they don’t allow that to happen for more than a couple of people. This brings up a couple of issues. For one, what requirements do those people have that others don’t that allow them to be chosen for these select few leases? Another reason, that this causes issues is for the reason that is there are under ten leases that are chosen for a main leasing company. That’s a small fraction of the student population who could use it.

Although student’s can understand the business side of the company, students still want the option to live nearby campus and have the opportunities and experiences like their peers. The options given to students are further away and students feel as if they’re missing out on the college life style. Although some people can’t always get the perfect living situation, more people would be able to be accommodated.

A suggestion would be to allow for more six-month leases, the school is expanding and so does the companies. Some of these apartments can be set aside to accommodate for the students.