The specific problem in this issue is that there are not enough policies regarding consequences for bullies in Mecklenburg County Public School Systems. The word “bully” or anything resembling that word only occurs once in all 400 pages of the Mecklenburg County Public School System handbook.

A controversial aspect of this issue are on multiple levels. From inside personal conversations some parents are worried that if the schools “buckle down” on the bullying policy that they will over-react to small issues and cause more problem. Then some parents were thinking that it was a great idea. As one would assume, the parents who were for this policy change are parents whose children are being bullied in school. While the parents who feel like this policy change would just cause more issue are usually parents who have children with no issue with bullying or children who are the bully and have enough on their hands as is. Another controversial issue would be with the policy writers. Living in a very small town they do not care much for change. Convincing them that this is an issue and some well thought out change should be in process. The final bit of controversy, is death. Although, my issue is based on policy change the most controversial issue is what leads up to the need for policy change. Many cases of bullying lead to suicide. The teens who are being bullied feel like there is no other reason to stay; and more and more teen bullies are getting away with this crime.

There are multiple organizations to try advocate for anti-bullying. Some of these organizations include but are not limited to: and the National Bullying Prevention Center. There are not many research numbers involving Bluestone High School alone. Yet, there is some research regarding national averages on bullying, outcomes, and other statistics. Many claims are valid given information regarding police reports, investigation reports, and death certificates. The issue is bullying inside school systems, the problem is the policy regarding consequences against bullying inside Bluestone Senior High School. Many stakeholders, including: parents, board members, students, and school staff. Regarding Bluestone High School, the history of the issue usually ends up as fights during school hours resulting in injuries, suspensions, and social issues among students; as if their are not enough. The issue of bullying will never die. It is in human nature to belittle others who are different. Although, I firmly believe that although the specific problem may never be able to die off, the consequences of the issue could be more severe with hopes that the issue will start to lower in instances.

I feel like those with hopes to rid bullying in its entirety works about as well as the 18th Amendment.

Why bans and restrictions don't work fully.

To support my final sentence.