Stakeholders in this situation would be various people. Depending on the view or angle one decides to come in at. In my case I am coming in on a policy angle. I am more focused on stakeholders such as committee boards, the principle, teachers, and parents. The students are the main concern. So, why are they not one of my stakeholders? I believe that in order to change a behavior you must start with the influences that focus that behavior. In this case, school guidelines and outside influences are going to have a larger impact than simply lecturing these students on bullying.

Interests in this subject is myself, a positive influence; as well as others. There are positive and negative influences, such as the board committee not wanting to have to use the time to re-write the policy handbook. Whereas teachers feel like they have enough on their plates as is. The principle, feels as if, he is doing the best he can although, not all things can be prevented. I feel like everyone WANTS to be invested, because deep down they know that it is an issue and needs to be addressed however they feel as if there is nothing that they can really do about it and that they should focus their time and energy on something else.

Unfortunately, this issue is much more than just policy being changed. It needs to be enforced; not only in the school environment but also in the home environment. If people such as the board committee or the school personnel feel like that is the source of the issue then their vested interest may not carry far due to the fact that they feel like there is not much that they can do.

A commonplace within the audience I am trying to address is agenda. Most of the persons on this committee have other full time jobs, families, social lives, or other pre-prioritized things. I feel like hitting an emotional level would be my best advancement. They already know the statistics, the information, the current policies, but the board members are not necessarily in the school systems everyday. ┬áMany of them have or have had children in this particular school system. I feel like reiterating situations that perhaps a “gateways” around what little policy they have could effect a large population or even effect their credentials as a school system. In such a small town “image is everything” when someone can show them how their policy could ruin their image I feel like that is where it will hit close to home. No board member wants to be recognized as not being able to write and carry good policy, no principle wants to be seen as “not being able to control his students”, as would no teacher want to be seen as a pushover, a horrible teacher, or creating an unsafe learning environment.

In conclusion, this situation has many stakeholders. The stakeholders are on a local level. Combining anyone from a blue collar parent to a “high-sitting” board official. Some voices are spoken while many are quiet. This issue should be address by the “bottom of the totem-pole” or else change will never be met.