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Bullying in the Mecklenburg County Public School System

Bullying in the Mecklenburg County Public School System has become a large issue not only for students but for faculty and staff as well. Persons with spiked interest (stakeholders) would be the School Board Committee. They are the ones who propose and produce the policy manual for this school system. The faculty and staff of the individual schools also hold a stakeholder role in these policies as they are the ones who are expected to uphold these policies. Controversy within this topic is merely the fact that policies rarely exist defining this issue. If there are any policies that even mention the word bullying; the policy is too vague to enforce any consequences when the issue arises. This school system needs to update their policy exaggerating this as an issue not only within the school facilities but also as a community effort. The act of bullying can be found physically, mentally, online, in-person, within the community, as well as within the home. The policy needs to be brought to light and exaggerated in a more effective manner in this school system.

Additional Leases in the Farmville Community

For students who realize they need an extra semester to finish school, or for students who leave a semester early for an internship; the Farmville apartment communities don’t offer enough six month leases. Every year there are students in the nursing and teacher preparation program, who are on track to finish their undergraduates on time, that choose to do their placement in another city. With this being so common, students end up wasting their money on an apartment they aren’t living in. Since the school has such a large teaching program it would be nice to have a town support the students by having more compatible apartment leases.