Comm 200, Comm 375, and Comm 460 helped prepare me for this internship. In Comm 200 (Intro to Comm studies), we learned about different theories. The theories we learned were theories that I could have incorporated into research projects, as part of my theoretical grounding. I have used many theories over the course of my […]

Two communication theories that I used during my internship were nonverbal communication, and the framing theory. In, my first study, which was an observational study of human-equine interaction,  I wanted to determine how human-equine interaction influenced the use of nonverbal communication (specifically haptics, kinesics, and proxemics) among children with disabilities. I am using the theory […]

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Since my last entry, I have found a lot of literature for my new study. I have almost completed my introduction, and I have finished a couple parts of the lit review. I had a hard time with getting my words on paper for a little bit, and I just spent a lot of time […]

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The one thing that most people can agree on in the weeks following the recent election is that there was a substantial increase in unnecessary fake news stories. Many people are angry and frustrated that it seemed as though they could not find unbiased and fair sources. Many of these fake, deceitful stories come from Macedonian […]

I started another research project since my last journal entry. I am very excited about this because I feel like there is a  lot of potential in this project. I am still in the stages of getting all my thoughts together, but currently I know that I want to get a better understanding of the […]

  I feel like I have learned so much since the start of my internship. Before starting, I had minimal knowledge about the IRB process and it seemed incredibly intimidating. After walking through it I felt more confident and realized that it was not scary and I was capable of completing it from the beginning. […]

Internship Journal #1

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For my internship I will be doing research on nonverbal communication under Dr. Farrell’s supervision. I wanted this internship because I wanted to do research to prepare me for grad school. I like how there are answers out there for almost any question you could think of, as long as you put in the work […]

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Could the fallacy of a Bad Person get some people into some trouble? (i.e. emotionally abusive and manipulative relationships?) If I can excuse someone’s lying by convincing myself they did it because they had a bad day, or it was done on accident couldn’t that lead to me being taken advantage of? I feel like […]


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“Strategists assume voters have an almost infant-like response to lies, believing that if something isn’t true it won’t be repeated. So the most effective political lies are repeated again and again. Say something often enough and people will begin believing it.” With the 2016 Presidential Election fast approaching, people have been quick to point fingers and call […]

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