COMM 392 Journal 4

April 19, 2017 | Comments Off on COMM 392 Journal 4

Comm 200, Comm 375, and Comm 460 helped prepare me for this internship.

In Comm 200 (Intro to Comm studies), we learned about different theories. The theories we learned were theories that I could have incorporated into research projects, as part of my theoretical grounding. I have used many theories over the course of my internship including media framing, self-disclosure, social identity theory, and nonverbal communication. Prior knowledge of these theories helped me when I began to do my research.


Comm 375 (Public Relations Research) gave me a brief overview of different types of research methods. We did three projects, one survey, one content analysis, and one focus group. It was really interesting to have the opportunity to experiment with three different studies. We had a partner for the whole semester that we would write the research papers with. For the content analysis, we looked at student responses to the VP debate on Facebook and twitter, which technically helped me prepare for the content analysis I did for my internship. For the focus group we were interested in determining longwood students opinion of the campuses hook-up culture. It was interesting and I determined I really enjoyed focus groups. For the survey we wanted to find longwood students opinion of the impact of the vice presidential debate. I liked the survey the best.

Comm 460 helped me understand both quantitative and qualitative research a little more, which was helpful. I thought it would be difficult to work on my thesis and my internship research at the same, but they actually coincided nicely.


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