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Professional Profile

My name is Lacey Sullivan and I am currently a Junior at Longwood University. Currently I am pursing my Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration, concentrating on marketing. I am also pursing a minor in Rhetoric and Professional Writing. During most of my life I had my heart set on studying veterinary medicine, specifically equine medicine, but after taking marketing courses in high school I decided I wanted to pursue something different. Currently I am a staff writer for a magazine titled The Whitetail Times,¬†something that sparked my interest in my minor. My personal life consists of a large, very loud family, an 8 month old silver lab named Cooper, and seven horses. During the summers I manage a 100 acre horse farm, starting most days at sunrise and ending many at sunset. I’m not afraid to work hard. I enjoy teaching riding lessons to young kids in the summer, and guiding youth hunts in the fall. A year ago I was elected onto the Board of Directors for the Virginia Deer Hunters Association, as a Youth and Women’s Advocate.

ePortfolio Content and Purpose

The content of this eportfolio is a display of the work I have completed or contributed to in English 319 over the course of the semester. The first assignment was to purpose an instructional manual or guide. I chose to create a proposal for a new guide on breaking colts (training young horses) because of my extensive background in the field. I proposed that my manual would be better than others because of my knowledge, experience with the method I proposed, and the currency of the guide. After the proposal I constructed the instructional manual. After submitting the manual, I performed a usability test with four subjects and wrote a usability report, identifying flaws and strengths of the manual itself. The final project of the semester was a group collaboration with two other classmates, Chris Crider and Haley Vasquez. The three of us worked to create a hypothetical company that would provide virtual reality on a monthly plan to help stimulate those who are disabled, bed bound, or living their finals days in the confines of a hospital.

By completing the assignments listed above, reading the text, and completing in class activities, I was able to complete all of the course learning outcomes listed below. In class analysis of technical documents taught me to recognize effective and ineffective communication techniques. I can now clearly and concisely convey technical information to a particular audience through visuals and papers. Oral communication is a skill learned and practiced through the formal presentation given by my group and I about our white paper. The white paper also taught me how to collaborate successfully with a group. Class participation is something I have always struggled with, but in class discussions about technical documents and presenting projects to the class have furthered my class participation.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize and analyze effective (and ineffective) technical communication
  • Create documents that clearly convey complex, technical information for targeted audiences and ¬†demonstrate effective rhetorical use of visual and verbal elements
  • Practice oral communication skills through informal and formal presentations
  • Develop strategies for successful collaboration and to analyze the effectiveness of strategies when applied to collaborative interactions
  • Participate productively in class activities, presentations, and discussions