Adam Saldana on March 21st, 2012

The relationship between guys and machines is just, well, special. Especially when it come to motorcycles. Something about having complete control of a machine appeals to men, especially when they have so many machines to chose from. A guy could zip around the streets on a crotch rocket, cruise around on his chopper or even hit the track with a dirt bike. With a variety of options, theres a bike for all kinds of riders.

Only the most daring bikers attempt stunt riding. Stunt riding is basically a rider using his motorcycle like a toy. They can be seen riding their bikes while sitting on the handlebars while spinning in circles. Or even standing on the seat of the motorcycle while it speeds down the blacktop. These bikers create a show of acrobatics while controlling the power these machines produce.

Guys love the adrenaline rush riding a motorcycle provides. Although some forms of riding are a bit more extreme than others (Evel Knievel) and men ride for different reasons, each contributes to stuff guys like.


Adam Saldana on March 7th, 2012

As spring break approaches for colleges around the United States, guys are perfecting the art of drinking games. Nothing is more manly than chugging obscene amounts of alcohol in mere minutes. Drinking games have a unique twist though. The winner is also the loser. Sure you drank 15 more beers than your buddies, but at least they will be walking home; not using the bushes as a bed.

My personal favorite drinking game is Speed Quarters. What you need for this game is at least 4 people, 2 quarters, 2 cups (or shot glasses), and alcohol. The game starts with two people sitting opposite of each other each with a quarter and a cup. It starts when someone says “go” and then each player tries to bounce their quarter into their cup. When a player has successfully made their quarter they pass both the quarter and the cup to the player sitting to their left. Then that person attempts to do the same. The way you end up drinking is when a player who is attempting to make their quarter is passed the other quarter in the game from the player on their right.

There are different rules for every drinking game but these are simple enough for even the most inebriated guys. Although drinking games are, in Layman’s terms, supposed to get you drunk, there is more to the games. Guys are competitive by nature and these games create a masculine atmosphere of rivalry and male bonding. So the next time you see guys flipping cups or bouncing quarters, don’t think they’re just trying to get drunk. It’s not only about the alcohol. It’s about the camaraderie.

Adam Saldana on February 29th, 2012

Just the other day I saw a video on YouTube of robots playing soccer. For some reason, it reminded me of the show Battlebots on Comedy Central. Beautiful actresses and the always entertaining Bill Nye were apart of the cast. The genius idea of combining beautiful women with the action of fighting robots is a perfect recipe for any guy.

Another show featuring robot fighting premiered on Spike TV (television for men) called Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors. Interestingly enough both of these series began and ended between 2000 and 2002.

Why was the Robot Wars theme cast aside so quickly? Guys love when things are sparking or getting smashed to pieces. It’s only natural  for us to love robot fighting.

This raises the question: Why hasn’t there been another type of robot wars show recently? 2012 would deliver technologically superior robots to 2002 meaning more smashing and a lot more sparks. If Comedy Central or Spike TV comes back to the man cave and realizes guys still like trivial violence, there could once again be robot wars.

Adam Saldana on February 22nd, 2012

Fire has fascinated guys for centuries. No man can deny the satisfaction fire brings. The smell of fire can spark memories of a guys first bonfire. Or remind you of that time the Roman Candle you were shooting of in you hand almost set the woods on fire. Whatever the memory, fire stands as one of the most fascinating invention to guys.

I actually have a story with fire that just happened recently…

A couple of days ago it snowed in Farmville, Virginia. Since it was a Sunday most college students, including me, believed classes on Monday would be cancelled. This in turn led to a HUGE gathering on Buffalo Street. Everyone was partying and hanging out with friends. There was even a massive snow ball fight between the two sides of the street. Everything was calm besides the chaos of the snowball fight. As the night went on more and more people showed up. Eventually everyone was in the middle of the street talking and drinking. Then out of no where a couple of guys brought a couch out into the middle of the street where everyone was standing. People began crowing around the couch to see what was to happen next. Someone (A guy) had the ingenious idea to light the couch on fire….

As the couch began to burn even more people began to encircle the inferno. Probably 30 seconds later a white SUV began to turn onto Buffalo Street where the mass of people and a burning couch lie in its path. I thought to myself “There is no way they are going to be able to get past this.”

Almost as immediately as that thought crossed my mind the SUV turned out to be a undercover police vehicle. The blue lights flashed on and that’s when all hell broke loose. Around 300 college students scattered like marbles wherever they could. The mass of people vanished in only seconds leaving the debris of a burning couch.

Police quickly took control of the situation and a fire was deployed to the location to take care of the smoldering remains.

Guys understand with fire comes responsibility. However there are those select few men who choose to ignore the responsibility to create mischief. Another thing guys like….

Adam Saldana on February 15th, 2012

The ocean provides guys everywhere with endless possibilities. Whether leisure, sport, or occupation it can provide a masculine atmosphere.

When my fraternity brothers and I go to the beach there are only a few necessities: food, a football, and the ocean. The ocean is a main component to the beach experience. We use it as an endless out-of-bounds for our football games meaning you could swim for a touchdown if no one tags you. There will even be times when someone is running for a pass towards the ocean; a wave will play defense by “tackling” the receiver. No beach trip is complete until someone gets taken out by a wave. 

Surfing is one of the most popular sports the ocean can provide. Guys challenge themselves everyday and the vasty deep provides endless obstacles. Every wave will be different from the last. One man chose to challenge the ocean by riding a 90-foot wave. With the never ending possibilities that aquatic scene can provide, guys will continue to evolve the sport of surfing.

The ocean has provided guys with occupations for centuries. Whether it’s deep sea fishing or serving for the NAVY, there are jobs suitable for guys around the world.

Guys like the relaxation from the beach, the sports provided by the sea, and the unique jobs that can be performed on the bounding main.



Adam Saldana on February 1st, 2012

Welcome to the world of the UFC where the rules are two men enter and one man leaves. Victory is only obtained when your opponent is either beat into submission or knocked out. This full contact sport has exploded into main stream media making it accessible to men everywhere. Watching the fight on TV is exciting, but being at the arena, say the Wells Fargo Center, shows the reality of a professional fight. When you actually SEE the impact of a flying knee to the face in-person, the adrenaline that surges through your body bolts you out of your seat in a frenzy of screams and obscenities. You can almost feel the sweat spew off of the fighter as his head is whiplashed from the impact. As the crowd erupts from excitement you high five the people surrounding you because you all just witnessed a knock-out first hand. Guys everywhere can respect the men that enter the Octagon, especially after being to a live event.

Adam Saldana on January 31st, 2012

As Superbowl 46 is less than a week away, men everywhere will begin to rally the troops for a night of friendship and food. If anyone has ever attended a Superbowl party before they know food is of the utmost importance. Nachos with cheese. Pigs in a blanket. And of course, chicken wings with hot sauce. When hosting a Superbowl party there needs to be a plethora of choices for your guests. The more food available, the better atmosphere you will create. Even if you have a TV screen the size of an index card, it will be secondary to the feast you have prepared for your friends.

That brings me to my next point; the TV. Yes, food edges out the TV but only slightly. You can’t have a Superbowl party with a TV that fizzles out every time someone sneezes. A good quality picture will go a long way. For extra brownie points have a DVR on hand. Who can control time and replay that sweet touchdown pass? Yeah that’s right, you.

Adam Saldana on January 20th, 2012

Hello readers! My name is Adam Saldaña and for the next couple of weeks I will be blogging about Stuff Guy’s Like. I feel when things in life become a strict routine our brains begin to go on autopilot. Everyone needs to have hobbies and interests that will give your brain exercise from the monotony of everyday life. This blog will help readers choose new hobbies or even give them ideas to create their own hobbies. Although the blog will be dealing with Stuff Guys Like it does not mean women should be discouraged from reading. Women could benefit from this blog just as much as men by allowing them to read about activities that are not usually conducted on a day-to-day basis. My first blog on Stuff Guys Like will be posted soon. Enjoy!