Student Opportunities

OSR offers several opportunities for students to participate in undergraduate research.

Student Research Grants

The Office of Student Research will provide grants up to $500 to undergraduate students to defray costs associated with conducting research, such as laboratory equipment; media equipment; equipment for work in the field; art supplies; software; photocopying, printing and film processing; communication costs (postage, phone, etc.) and travel to support the investigative phase of the student’s work, such as travel to field sites, museums, archives, or libraries. Students can apply in fall and spring.

Student Travel Grants

The Office of Student Research will provide grants up to $500 to undergraduate students to support student travel to professional conferences or meetings to share the results of their scholarship. The grants can be used to cover applicable travel expenses, including airfare and mileage, lodging, conference registration, food and materials for posters or other displays. Students can apply in fall and spring.

Spring Presentation of Undergraduate Research (SPUR)

Undergraduate students from all disciplines  are invited to submit proposals for Spring Presentation of Undergraduate Research (SPUR) at Longwood University. SPUR is a multi-disciplinary event that gives students the opportunity to publically share inquiry-based work-in-progress as well as completed research projects. Submissions deadline is in spring.

The Omnipedia Review

Current graduate and undergraduate students from all disciplines may submit artist statements with original artwork, annotated bibliographies, review articles and book reviews for publication in  The Omnipedia Review, a new peer-reviewed online student research journal at Longwood University. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.

Faculty Excellence in Mentoring Awards (FEMA)

Current Longwood University undergraduate students from all programs, departments and colleges may nominate faculty for the Faculty Excellence in Mentoring Awards. Only tenured and tenure-track faculty, clinical educators, lecturers, visiting professors and administrative and professional faculty with academic rank are eligible for nomination. Nominations are solicited in the spring.