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Recognizing Human Trafficking Victims

April 13th 2012 in Uncategorized

Human Trafficking is a global issue. Due to the fact that this issue effects so many people results in the need of a global response. Being able to recognize human trafficking is a perfect way to respond to such an awful crime. Knowing how to spot trafficking organizations and victims could help save a life from the terrible side affects that come along with being a victim of trafficking. Here are several different ways one can recognize this modern day form of slavery:

1. Being aware of your surroundings

The first way one can recognize human trafficking is being aware of the work and/or living locations of possible trafficking groups. One can ask themselves if the possible location is taking “high security measures” with creating an very private environment by investing in opaque windows, boarded up windows, bars on windows, barbed wire and security cameras.

2. Recognizing Victims

The second way one can recognize human trafficking is being able to identify the victims themselves. Often times a victim of this crime fall into a stereotype of “innocent young girls from foreign countries” but is not always the case. Victims of trafficking can be men, women and children of all ages. But though anyone can be manipulated into trafficking most of the time there are similarities that group these people together. Some traits a victim that may be presented as red flags are: people coming from countries or communities with high rates of crime, poverty, and corruption can be signs of trafficking victims. Also lacking an education, family support and having a history of physical and sexual abuse can also be used as characteristics of victims.

Some other ways to identify victims is by seeing if they have seem to have poor mental and physical health, abnormal behavior, and a sense of lack of control. Many times victims will be fearful, anxious, depressed and even paranoid. The idea of law enforcement can bring on anxious behavior and panic attacks. Also many victims avoid eye contact. Though most of these signs that are listed can be considered taking action mentally within in a victim the signs of poor physical health can be more obvious. In some cases victims can appear malnourished and lack overall health care while also showing signs of abuse and confinement. Another way to spot out victims is to pick on if a person is lacking control in their own life. If a person has a hard speaking for themselves, has numerous inconsistencies in his/her story, have no control over their finances and have few to no possessions could all be red flags for a possible victim.

Being able to recognize all of these signs that are shown by people and just areas that seem suspicious can help end modern day slavery and save the lives of people that might have lost hope. Again this is a global issue in need of a global solution and being able to identify victims would be a step in the right direction.






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