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Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but can we be Facebook friends?

With over 1 Billion profiles and 584 million logging in daily, Facebook is a big freaking deal in our world today. So with all of these people on the site, how do we decide to become friends with each other? According to Pew research, the average number of Facebook friends is 229 with users ages […]

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I Need to Poop: TMI?

Earlier today I was sitting around doing some homework and my phone buzzed telling me have a text message. This is what I saw when I picked up my phone: Now this person is my friend, I would consider her a really good friend, but we have never really had that open of a friendship […]

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Learning to Communicate

  There is no such thing as a naturally good communicator. We are not born with the skills to get our message to others clearly, these things are learned. Yes, baby’s do have the ability to do motions and make facial expressions and display emotion, all of which are forms of communication, but naturally, they […]

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About Stephen

My name is Stephen Hudson and I am a senior in Longwood University’s Communication Studies program with a concentration in Mass Media. I am originally from Richmond, Va, but have lived in Farmville all summer. I work for Longwood University’s Public Relations department as a Multimedia Specialist doing content creation (videography and photography) for online […]

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