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Cause and Effect: Video Games and the News

On February 22, 2011, in a second grade classroom in Glennon Heights Elementary School in Jefferson County, ┬áColorado, eight year old Aidan throws a violent temper tantrum. According to the report by the local NBC 9 News, Aidan was threatening teachers with sharp, broken pieces of wood saying he would “whack them with it.” Police […]

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How do you get your news?

Most of us today own or have access to a computer and the internet. What does this mean for us? New ways of getting the news. More Americans now say they get their daily news online over print newspapers; about 40% internet to 35% newspapers (Doctor, 2010). Our parents got the news Monday through Friday […]

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Product Licensing and Children: Class Presentation

Our presentation focuses on product licensing in the school systems and the impact it has on children. We discuss extracurricular products such as branded prize box toys, clothing, and valentines day cards, all of which can show up in the classroom. We then talk about branded school supply products such as backpacks, lunchboxes and pencils. […]

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