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Longwood Library

This is actually a combination of 4 photos (one of the ceiling, one of the walkways, one of the honorcode, and one of the bottom section of the photo). I combined them all in photoshop to create this wide angle shot of the library

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Fireworks and The Longwood Show

I love this photo I took last 4th of July. My brother and I were trying to find a place to park in Yorktown (impossible that night) and we were about to give up, but as we drove over the bridge the view of the show was too perfect, and other people had stopped on […]

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About Me

Hey guys! I’m Stephen and I am a sophomore Mass Comm major and this is my blog! I’m really into photography and videography, and could see myself working in that aspect of production in the future. So  I will try and post photos I have taken here, so check back often. I grew up in […]

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