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Hello, I’m Lindsay!

Posted on Sunday, May 19, 2013 in About Us, Uncategorized

my fiance and I before the Ambassador Ball

Hi everyone! My name is Lindsay Statler and I am a senior studying Communication Studies with a concentration in Organizational Communication and Public Relations at Longwood University. I am originally from Clifton Forge, a small town in southwest Virginia but I currently reside in Farmville. As for my dream career, I want to be an Event Planner for a company or organization.

Longwood has given me countless opportunities to help me in pursuing a career. I am currently a Student Assistant for Conferences & Scheduling, a Supervisor for Lancer Line, Pin Rec Chair for the Longwood Ambassadors, and Co-Chair of Events for the Student Philanthropy Council. All of these opportunities have given me the ability to not only use my communication skills but to improve them. These organizations have allowed me to communicate in different kinds of situations whether it is communicating with potential guests for Conferences & Scheduling, with the callers under my supervision when they have questions or problems, or with Longwood students themselves to inform them about the importance of giving back to the university after graduation. These experiences gave me the opportunity to use what I have learned in my classes and put them to use in real world situations and prepare me for pursuing a career after graduation.

I am an only child and was raised by just my mom. When I was younger my mom always wanted to dress me up in these frilly outfits and I fought against it like it was the plague. I never cared about make up or clothes because I wore what was comfortable. It wasn’t until I was in high school when I had my first boyfriend that I started to take notice of my appearance and what I wore. What is it about relationships that can change how a girl thinks about herself? I am interested to see what I can learn from this class that can answer why gender plays such a role in relationships and how we think of ourselves.

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  1. Dr. Naomi says:

    Hi Lindsay,

    As you can see from Ashley and Kasey, many folks enjoy a more androgynous gender identity. It gives us so much more freedom to express ourselves and explore different activities. But, you’re right about how important relationships in our lives can deeply shape our gendered identities too. We’ll be learning more about that soon!

    Dr. Naomi

  2. Katherine Moore says:

    Hey Lindsay! I really enjoyed reading about the experiences you wrote about in your introduction blog. I found a lot of similarities within our blogs, considering we both work for the Office of Conferences and Scheduling and we both want to pursue careers in event planning! I feel we are fortunate to work with such an awesome office on Longwood’s campus and I feel the skills we learned from the experience will help us succeed as event planners.

    You brought up an interesting question: why do girls tend to change whenever they get into a relationship? Whether it is the way they dress or think about themselves, it seems like something always changes. I am also interested as to why this occurs. I look forward to getting to know you better through reading your blogs and interacting via this virtual classroom!

  3. Ashley Taylor says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog simply because I did not think to relate my ideas of gender when I was little. I concentrated more on what I am currently involved with. I also did not start to care about my appearance as much until I joined a sorority. I would get somewhat dressed up for high school, but not like I did for college. It is interesting how the opposite sex (you mentioned your first boyfriend) and how a group of even the same sex can influence how you dress and even how you present yourself to others.
    I think it is funny how mom’s always want to dress up their “little girls” in pretty dresses, they probably are not prepared for the backlash that their daughters will provide them with. Plus those dresses (from what I remember) were not comfortable!

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