Blog Post 2. Videos in the classroom

Teachers have been using film in the classroom since it became available. I am always met with flashbacks of a TV on a cart rolling into the room with  a promise of Bill Nye The Science Guy and Magic School Bus making it a fun day. As I begin my teaching my career, I have a few tips to offer when selecting to videos to show during class.

Tips to consider when choosing videos for class:

  1. Will this video teach/explain the topic better than you can?
  2. Length! Plan to show the whole video; this can be at once or in well timed chunks for longer videos.
  3. What purpose does this video serve in your classroom? Is the video’s purpose the same as it is being used in your room?
  4. Tell the students what you were intending for them to gain from the


Some favorites:

Youtube: it has tons of great clips for any subject. It can be used to play an audio version of a book or to explain a concept. Music videos are also a fun way to make connections! Epic Rap battles of History and Thug Notes are two of my favorite channels but should be used with discretion.

Film Adaptations of classics: 10 Things I Hate About You, She’s The Man, Romeo + Juliet, The Crucible, and The Wizard of Oz

3 comments on “Blog Post 2. Videos in the classroom
  1. Lauren Hyatt says:

    I loved how you started off your post with a personal experience. It really brought the topic into context because I could relate to your experience with videos and movies. The images you used was a nice touch.

  2. Danielle Bondurant says:

    I think showing film adaptions is a great idea. You can also use that as a way to compare and contrast the film and the original text.

  3. Sarah Kensy says:

    I really liked this! I think incorporating film in the classroom always makes it more interesting for students!